These Lace-Up Jeans Look Like the Pinnacle of Uncomfy & I Don't Know How to Feel

Fashion Nova is the ultimate Instagram baddie clothing brand, and if you wanna be hip with the hottest women's street style, you just have to own at least one thing from them. Need somewhere to start? The retailer just released a pair of lace-up jeans that go all the way up your legs. So basically, you're wearing a pair of those ultra high-top Converse... as pants. Tbh, I don't know how to feel about them. All I know is that if you're gonna rock these, you're probably way edgier and cooler than the rest of us who can't pull these off.

These aren't the first obscure jeans to hit the market. Remember Topshop's clear-knee mom jeans? Those were the days.

Or their full-plastic "jeans"? 

Yeah, those. In the past few years, we've seen quite a few strange denim trends, and we're simply asking for an explanation. Why can't we just stick to tried-and-true wide-leg jeans or classic skinnies? Is that not enough?

Either way, if you grab a pair of Fashion Nova's lace-ups, you're making a fashion statement and are sure to turn some heads. But be sure to stay out of direct sunlight though, because those tan lines will be v weird.