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These 9 Backpack Trends Will Be Everywhere This Fall

For collegiettes, a backpack is a mandatory accessory—so why not make it chic? Instead of toting around the same old canvas knapsack you’ve had since high school, try one of this season’s hottest styles that you’ll love long past fall semester. 

1. Mini backpacks


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The verdict is in: everyone is excited about this scaled-down style, including Kylie Jenner. Okay, so maybe these aren’t the most practical for toting around your textbooks (or even a laptop), but they’re perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t want a big bulky bag weighing you down. Just throw in your phone, lip balm and keys, and you’re good to go! Minimalism is the new black.

2. Pink backpacks



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Elle Woods would be thrilled—pink backpacks are totally back in! Whether you pick a bold, head-turning magenta or prefer the paler “millennial pink,” you’ll be trendy on campus with this rosy hue. Details like simple lines, durable straps and reinforced seams can toughen up the look if your personal style leans more towards edgy.

3. Faux leather backpacks


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Opt for fake leather this year! Faux leather backpacks are easier to clean (hello, baby wipes!) and you won’t need to worry about water damage if your water bottle leaks or if it’s raining out. 

4. Leather backpacks



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Other collegiettes prefer to invest in real leather styles, valuing the sheen and softness. While these styles will need a little more care and attention to keep them looking their best, they’ll also last a long time if you’re careful. Leather backpacks come in so many sophisticated styles, too—it’s like a handbag for your back!

5. Velvet backpacks



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Velvet is a trend that’s coming back in a HUGE way, so it makes sense that velvet backpacks are skyrocketing in popularity! This fabric is so luxurious and unexpected, and it’ll add understated flair to any outfit. Just keep a lint roller handy.

6. Holographic backpacks


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This shiny style is not for the faint of heart, but could be a great way to break out of a fashion rut! This bold look gives us total ’90s vibes, and you can pair it with gemstone hair for the ultimate iridescent look. 

7. Convertible backpacks


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This bag is basically the best BOGO deal you’ll ever get! A backpack and tote all in one! Wear it as a backpack to class, then convert it to a tote as you head to your internship or a night out. No one will be the wiser, but you’ll save major bucks.

8. Vegan backpacks


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Like the faux leather backpacks above, these environmentally friendly bags are perfect for girls who want to limit their use of animal products or completely embrace the vegan lifestyle. They come in a huge variety of styles so you’re sure to find one that fits your aesthetic. 

9. Denim backpacks


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Don’t worry—you can keep rocking your jeans AND this backpack because denim on denim is officially back! (It’s even celebrity-approved.) Denim is super tough and durable, so this bag can handle anything you throw at it. Four huge psych textbooks? No problem. Chronic overpacker? Bring it on. It’s got your back.

A backpack isn’t just for carrying around your daily essentials—it can also express your personality and style. With these 9 styles, you can’t go wrong. 

Hannah is a senior studying marketing and English at the University of Washington and is the Editor of the UW Her Campus chapter. She was also a Summer 2017 editorial intern for Her Campus Media. When not editing, writing, or pitching articles, she's probably at brunch.