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5 Tennis-Inspired Outfits To Wear In Your Coco Gauff Era

Coco Gauff is really that girl. While she’s known for flawlessly serving on the tennis court, Gauff also serves looks in athletic fashion. Since beginning a partnership with New Balance five years ago, she’s garnered attention for using bold colors and youthful prints in her outfits. Gauff’s most recent win at the US Open on Sept. 9 was a stunning portrayal of her passion for the sport, of course, but it was also the debut of a new colorway of her New Balance Coco CG1 tennis shoes in “City Brights,” a red, black, and yellow mix. According to Sports Illustrated, her relationship with New Balance is also a family affair — Gauff’s mother and aunt helped create the new colorway to complement the 19-year-old’s skin tone. 

Now that Gauff has won her first Grand Slam title, fans can only expect her to continue to soar beyond measurable heights. For those looking to step into their Coco Guaff era or just simply wanting to elevate their athletic gear, here is some of the hottest tennis-inspired clothing that will give you that winning spirit!

Pink Pleated Tennis Skort ($17)

Beyond tennis, pleated skirts have been a staple for some time now in the It Girl closets across the world. They’re versatile, which makes them perfect for a hot day on the court and a Starbucks drink right after. Breathable fabric and shorts underneath are super necessary for those long days!

Lululemon Court Crush Tennis Dress ($54)

Who doesn’t love a good one-piece tennis dress? Lululemon, the revered Mother-Of-All-Athletic-Wear, is a shoo-in for gear with incredible quality. Amazon and Target, respectively, have affordable tennis dress options for every budget, too! 

New Balance Tournament Tank ($45)

In true Coco style, you can’t play tennis unless you have the perfect New Balance tank top. The brand’s Tournament Tank is a staple for those heavy-hitters on and off the court! 

Brooks Running Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra ($30)

Finding the best sports bra for high-impact activities can be daunting. A bra that offers motion-reducing support is key! Not only will bright colors boost your confidence, but the compressive fabric will have you feeling light and comfortable. 

New Balance Coco CG1 ($170)

Besides a sturdy racket, proper footwear is crucial to the game of tennis. To really capture the essence of your own Coco Gauff era, you have to wear Coco Guaff-approved tennis shoes. Her five-year relationship with New Balance has produced a signature tennis shoe that holds no equal. Gauff took the typical basketball silhouette of the ’90s and reimagined it to match her personal style. 

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