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This Teen Offered Up Her Prom Dress to Any ‘Girl In Need’ & She’s Lowkey the Selfless Queen of Twitter

Prom season was a real stressor for some, especially for those who couldn’t keep up with all the huge expenses just to have a memorable night with friends. Mika Riddick, a nineteen-year-old from Maryland, however, believes in helping her fellow queens out this prom season and offered up her old prom dress to wear, free of charge. Last week, Mika tweeted out an invite to use her 2016 prom dress, and the response she got was overwhelming.

In her tweet, she specifies that a girl in need, specifically in or around the Glen Burnie area, is welcome to use her prom dress for the night.

Not only was Mika commended for selflessly offering her dress (and makeup and shoes, the whole package!) for another to wear, but other young women were inspired by her and offered up their dresses too. “As much as others are touched, they have inspired me just as much,” Mika explained to Yahoo. “I want things like this to not be so abnormal.” 

The fact that so many women were willing to do the same indicates that this may soon be the reality for high school gals who can’t swing the high cost of prom gowns. Following Mika’s tweet, Twitter flooded with beautiful women offering their dresses to anyone who really needed them. Just check out some of the amazing posts!

Prom night is gonna look a lot more glamorous thanks to all these wonderful, selfless ladies. 

Rep Image: @CHIC4MASDULCE / Twitter 

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