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Target Has a New Line of Nail Polish Inspired By Your Fave Shows

If staying at home doing your nails while binge-watching every episode of your favorite drama is your idea of a good time then we have the BEST news for you. Target has just launched a new 38-color nail polish collection called Defy and Inspire, inspired by shows like The BachelorThe Hills and Gossip Girl. The in-house collection, debuting January 17, includes lacquers in shades from bold cherry red to greige.

The names of the different colors are just as dramatic as the shows they are named after—there are shades like “Final Rose,” “The Right Reasons” and “XOXO.” The purpose of the Defy and Inspire Collection is to give customers the feeling that they can “defy the ordinary” and “inspire others”—much like how we know pop culture greatly inspires us. The nail collection is both inventive and long-lasting (it is made with dual polymer) and at only $7 per bottle, we’ll take one of each.

Keana Bloomfield

Bryn Mawr '18

Keana is a News Blogger/Viral Content Writer for Her Campus, as well as a two-year High School Ambassador Advisor.  With HC since her freshman year, she often winds down by singing, reading, watching TV, admiring Beyoncé and eating, whilst also regretting not taking advantage of the precious nap times one is afforded in pre-school.