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Target Is Adding 150 New Makeup Products for Darker Skin Tones to Its Beauty Section, & It’s About Time

After Rihanna debuted her inclusive cosmetic line Fenty Beauty, brands everywhere have been following her lead. Because celebrity-design products can be a bit expensive for a college student (who would rather use an expired $5.99 concealer than let it go to waste), thankfully, Target is adding 150 new makeup products specifically for darker skin tones to its shelves. There’s no need to take out a fourth student loan to find your perfect shade!

According to Allure, Target is redefining drugstore beauty standards by adding eight new makeup brands to its stores that are created by and for people of color. These fresh-faced products will include over 60 different shades of foundation, and with that many foundation shades to choose from, we can’t help but wonder if Target will incorporate their own Target beauty experts to try to convince us to buy even more items we don’t need help us find our perfect match.

Teen Vogue explains that the new additions to the Target family will  include Coloured Raine, which specializes in pigmented palettes, and HALEYS, a brand dedicated to creating the perfect tone match and treating your complexion. Likewise, the store will also include beauty brands such as Hue NoirMakeup GeekReina RebeldeThe Lip BarViolet Voss and EveryHueBeauty.

Christina Hennington, Senior Vice President of Beauty and Essentials at Target, told Cosmopolitan that the company constantly listens to costumers’ diverse beauty needs, which is what inspired Target to make a home for these new products. “We’ll continue to listen to our guests to understand what beauty products they’re looking for at Target, and look forward to seeing their response to these new cosmetic brands,” Hennington adds.

Currently, all of Target’s new beauty products are available online and will be available in stores on May 20. Seeing as Target does listen to our needs and desires, these new beauty goodies are all set at an affordable price point. All of the items from the Target-approved brand range from $9.99 to $21.99. 

If perusing the dozens of long-lasting lip shades by The Lip Bar doesn’t make you want to call in sick from work on May 20, then we don’t know what will. Seriously, you’re going to feel ill from spending your paycheck on these new products anyway, so you might as well take a sick day for this should-be-national holiday! 

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