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Tackle Cyber-Bullying with Dove’s “Girl’s Guide to the Digital World”

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, we are almost always “plugged in” to the digital world—and if we’re not on any of those sites, it’s probably just cause we’re too busy texting.

As we all know too well, these social media outlets can unfortunately become a breeding ground for drama. Luckily, Dove has released A Girl’s Guide to the Digital World to teach girls how to “log off of digital drama.” Dove recognizes that drama caused by online behaviors such as cyber-bullying, de-friending, or sexting can negatively affect a girl’s self-esteem, so the purpose of this guide is to teach girls how to tackle these issues with confidence. The guide covers topics ranging from online friendships and privacy to rumors and self-image.

While as collegiettes we might be past some of this online drama that often peaks during middle and high school, we are not necessarily out of the woods! The guide has some helpful reminders about how to keep our online behavior both responsible and positive. More importantly, we can pass along the guide and the tips in it to any younger girls in our lives—whether it be sisters, cousins, friends, or neighbors—who may be struggling with these issues for the first time. With the start of school right around the corner, this is the best time to prep them to confront the challenges presented by cyber-bullying and the like.

As stated in the guide, “Technology will always evolve, but one thing remains the same: with support and guidance, girls can navigate complex issues with confidence.” So read over the guide here and use it to help the girls you care about in your life.

Interested in more self-esteem boosting tips and guides? Check out Dove’s other resources as part of the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem.

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