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This Swim Brand Is Going To Make All Your Body-Positive Spring Break Bathing Suit Dreams Come True

Now that it’s spring break season and the sun has finally decided to start making its way out from behind the dreary clouds, it’s also time for us to start searching for the perfect swimsuit. However, that process can be frustrating, embarrassing, and draining on one’s self-image when being bombarded with picture after picture of totally toned, rail-thin models with impossibly perfect makeup and hair.

But one brand is taking a different approach with their swimsuit ads.

Monki, a small Swedish line owned by H&M, has released their spring/summer swim campaign for 2018. In March, that’s par for the course, but here’s the difference: none of their photos have been retouched in any way.

Following the precedent they set last year, Monki has gone #nofilter. The company announced on their website: “Make of it what you will, we felt it was time we took a step towards showing off more real representations of female bodies. And we know we don’t always get it right but we’re trying.”

With different heights, weights, and skin tones represented, Monki has brought true natural beauty to the forefront.

“I don’t see why we photoshop our bodies in the first place,” style blogger Louise Marguerite told Refinery29. “Every body is born with moles and birthmarks and develops wrinkles and stretch marks. What’s unnatural is concealing them with editing programs and creating ultra-perfect models. Good on Monki for celebrating our natural bodies and not shouting about it — a model’s scars, stretch marks, or moles aren’t going to stop you buying a garment.”

So, for those looking to support a brand that supports women looking like women, Monki is a great choice. And while Monki doesn’t yet ship to the U.S., you can find their products through other vendors, such as ASOS.

Bonus: the swimsuits are super cute.

Stephanie Blair is a freelance writer and photographer with nearly five years of experience working with print and online publications. She is currently living in Salem, Oregon while finishing her degree at Western Oregon University.