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If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately (or going outside at all), you’ve probably realized it’s extremely hot outside. Not only is it summertime but there are also multiple heat waves making their way across the states. So, just how does a fashionable collegiette™ stay cute when temperatures get extreme? Summer dresses, looser-fitting blouses, shorts, and breezy skirts might be the answer to that.
Summer Dresses: Although this New York Times article pretty much says it all, dresses are great for staying comfortable, chic, and, of course, cool. Roxy has some cute summer dresses like this one here for just $52.50.

Looser-Fitting Blouses and Shorts: Pairing a looser-fitting blouse with shorts can be a casual way to keep an outfit fashionable and bearable. For some basic jean shorts, American Eagle generally has a good selection of fits and washes. For the shirt, stores like Anthropologie carry blouses that are airy but also keep things sophisticated. The blouse here is on sale for $39.95 while the shorts are $29.99.

Breezy skirts: Instead of pairing a blouse with shorts, collegiettes™ can always opt for a breezy skirt. If the top is looser-fitting, tucking it in can be an easy way to get a more flattering silhouette. Urban Outfitters tends to have fashionable skirts (in a variety of colors) that are perfect for beating the heat. This one shown here is $49.00 and available in red, green, yellow, black, and brown.

These are just a few of my favorites but if they don’t seem suited to your personal style, try checking out blogs such as The Sartorialist and Atlantic-Pacific for some alternative inspiration.

Although she is originally from Orlando, Florida, Brooke Kamenoff wanted to leave behind the warmth and sun to experience a real, snowy winter at Northeastern University. Currently a sophomore, she is working towards a degree in International Business with a focus on Spanish. Brooke is involved in the fashion club, language classes (both Spanish and French), and the newspaper on campus. In high school, she served as academic editor and then editor-in-chief of her school's yearbook, which sparked her interest in journalism and media. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, perusing fashion blogs, discovering new music, and watching her favorite TV shows online.
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