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katie g closet check
katie g closet check
Katie Grierson
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How I Styled 4 Fire Looks From My Campus Closet In Ottawa

In Her Campus’ series Closet Check, we’re getting a look inside the closet of a college student and learning all about how they put together their favorite outfits. In this piece, we talk to Katie Grierson, a sophomore at the University of Ottawa who’s all about comfort and confidence.

Name: Katie Grierson, 19

Year: Sophomore

School: University of Ottawa

Where do you live? Off campus in an apartment

These responses have been edited and condensed for clarity.

The Closet Check

My closet is split up into a few different parts. Originally, it was just a rod for hanging things up, but I added a shelf above, which allowed me to fit all my sweaters in! I use the rod to hang up my dresses, nice tops, skirts, and jackets. On top of the closet, I have a dresser that also functions as my bedside table. This is where I keep my pants, t-shirts, and pajamas (I have a LOT of pajamas, so they get their own drawer)!

I found out pretty early on that the dresser wasn’t big enough to fit all my clothes that couldn’t be hung up, so I also added a hanging closet organizer. I have some bins, too, which help me keep my gym clothes and scarves/hats organized and off the floor! I love that I have space to hang up my nicer clothes while also having shelves to put my clothes that can be folded. My closet also makes cleaning and putting away laundry easy, since I know exactly where everything is supposed to go. Each type of piece has its area on the rack, drawer, or bin (which still doesn’t stop it from getting messy somehow).

closet check
Katie Grierson

Creating The Fits

When I wake up in the morning, I like to pick what to wear based on a mix of what I have planned for that day and what vibe I’m feeling! That way whatever I end up with is both practical for the day but also matches my mood. For example, for days where I have five hours of class I’ll start by picking comfy pants, since I need to be comfortable if I’m gonna be spending that long in class! If I want to dress up a bit or have an event that day, I’ll reach for my jeans or a dress depending on the weather.

My closet is filled with a lot of staple basics, which I love because it makes it really easy to pick outfits that go together. I can blindly pick any of my pants and any of my tops and I have a good chance of it looking good, which is so helpful for those mornings I have an 8:30 a.m. class and am still half asleep when I’m getting dressed!

closet check
Katie Grierson


class look
Katie Grierson

For me, the most important factor for an outfit for class is comfort, so I tend to wear leggings, sweatpants, or baggy jeans. My favorite color for clothing is black, so I chose to wear my favourite black flair leggings and a black workout top (both from Lululemon). Wearing a monochrome outfit is such an easy way to make a “lazy” outfit look more put together, in my opinion! I also love all the matching sets I’ve been seeing on social media, so choosing to wear all black made it easier to replicate that vibe. Because all my classrooms tend to be cold, I added an oversized Dickies flannel!

What I’d Wear To: An Internship Interview

interview outfit
Katie Grierson

I would wear this pencil skirt and sweater combo for an internship interview! I think a black pencil skirt is such a must-have for workwear, since it’s perfect for pretty much every situation and can be worn with almost every top. I paired it with a brown cashmere sweater I got in Toronto at Kensington Market. It’s super soft and comfy yet still looks professional. I know some people are super against black and brown being worn together, but I actually love the combination of colors! I would pair this outfit with some kitten heels or loafers that will keep the outfit office-ready without killing my feet.

What I’d Wear To: A Date Night

date night outfit
Katie Grierson

It’s so hard to pick an outfit for a date night since there are so many different types of date activities! I chose this outfit though because I think it would work for a variety of different dates. I picked out a cute, flowy top that has a flower pattern I love. I’m also wearing some bootcut jeans. Jeans paired with a nice top is my personal go-to outfit for things like this, since it’s casual enough for going to the movies or going for a walk but also dressed up enough for a nice dinner or lunch. I added a brown leather purse as a final touch to hold my essentials!

What I’d Wear To: A Weekend House Party

party outfit
Katie Grierson

The best outfit for a house party is an outfit that makes you feel confident! That’s going to look different for everybody, but for me, it’s ripped jeans and a nice crop top. I love this black crop top, since the neckline gives subtle Bridgerton vibes! I paired it with baggy, ripped jeans because they’re comfortable enough to dance in, and I’m also really loving low-waisted pants at the moment. I would wear this outfit with either my Blundstones or Converse depending on how much snow there is outside!

Katie Grierson

U Ottawa '25

Katie (she/her) is the Senior editor for the uOttawa chapter! When not writing, you can find her reading for her english lit degree, eating sushi, watching period dramas, and missing her dog! Her email is hgrie095@uottawa.ca