4 Hidden Gem Style Brands I Honestly Wish I Discovered, Like, Forever Ago

So, I'll admit: I am a huge fan of waaaay too many brands. Really, it's pretty dangerous for my bank account. Yet somehow, I can discover new brands to stan on the daily, thanks to my Instagram explore page. Am I the only one that gets a rush out of finding a new small style brand, quickly opening up a thousand and one tabs to explore all of the beautiful pieces? Just me?

Well, if you're in need of some new style brand inspo, I've got your back. And the best part? They're all hidden gem businesses that I stumbled on while scrolling along. Here are four brands I've been loving as of lately:

  1. 1. Polished Prints

    I'm glad liking graphic tees is something that has consistently stayed cool and in style since middle school. Lately, I've been looking to tees to elevate my outfit. Yes, really. When I found Polished Prints, I was so excited. Just like the name suggests, these printed tops really make for a sophisticated and fun look. Paired with a neck scarf and some block heel sandals, it's the most Instagrammable summer piece I have by far.

    Editor's Pick: The Whole World Is In Our Hands Tee (Polished Prints, $28) —big fan of a beautiful tee with a good message.

  2. 2. Ready-Made Jewelry

    If you're in the market for some buildable, gold pieces, Ready-Made Jewelry is a brand I wish was on my radar earlier. Ready-Made believes that all jewelry, no matter what price point, should be quality, sustainable material. I've noticed after wearing my Ready-Made necklace for a while that it is strong, and I haven't seen any tarnish or chipping whatsoever.

    Editor's Pick: The Stack 05 in Gold (Ready-Made, $55) — it's super minimal, which is definitely my vibe. It can easily be layered on top of my existing jewelry collection.

  3. 3. Planet Sel

    Hot take: style does include your phone accessories. I've had my eye on this brand for a while now because of their super unique and edgy apparel and accessories. Selina Finch, the artist behind the brand, has such an eye for mixing retro and sci-fi themes, making her

    Editor's Pick: Peachy iPhone Case (Planet Sel, $21) — I love a good illustrated fruit. This phone case is super colorful and glossy *heart eyes*.

  4. 4. Tit Tees

    These tops are super trendy and cheeky. From avocados to milk cartons, these perfectly placed fruit tops are actually the cutest thing I've ever seen. The best part of these shirts? Partial proceeds of every single purchase are donated to women's health care (!!!).

    Editor's Pick: Za Zas Tee (Tit Tees, $25) — perfectly placed pizzas. Do I have to say more? 

Hidden gem brands are honestly THE best. Whether it's the intense attention to detail and quality, or the artistry of an online shop, I love the feeling of stumbling upon and falling in love with a new style brand. 

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