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The Storybook Cosmetics ‘Star Wars’ Collection Is What Our Jedi Hearts Have Been Waiting For

If you’ve haven’t heard of Storybook Cosmetics before then 1) what are you doing? 2) you’re about to fall in love. This brand is like the Narnia wardrobe for fantasy fans. From wizard makeup brushes to fairytale eye palettes, they’ve got it all. Storybook Cosmetics is constantly hot on what it’s followers love, which is probably why a Star Wars collection was just announced––we’re honestly surprised it even took this long to cater to the spacey fanbase.

The collaboration was first announced on Instagram by @trendmood, giving a sneak peek at what could be the collection’s packaging.


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While it’s still not clear what the collection will consist of, we lowkey hope there’s a set of lightsaber brushes and an out of this world eye palette. Afterall, we need something to get glam with for The Last Jedi premier!