Spanx: Now Acceptable as Pants?

An invention once strictly categorized as a slimming undergarment is soon making its debut in pants form. Thanks to Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, the undergarments will be available in July as jeans, coming in the “Signature” and the “Slim X” styles.

The various styles are each designed to have a slimming effect and the jeans’ retail price is set at $148 each.  Since the company originally sold undergarments only, people may be hesitant to wear the slimming jeans as pants; but, if they make you feel good about yourself, why not?

“I see Spanx as a lifestyle brand that is delighting women in making things fit better and feel better on the body, and not just through compression,” Blakely told WWD. “We’re known for making you look thinner and more toned, but it can just be about a better cut and fit.”

Companies expand their product range all the time, and just because Spanx started out an undergarment company does not mean people should swear off other clothing items they have to offer. Spanx is in the process of expanding to even more avenues; women often ask Blakely if she can make full-body Spanx, which she has not yet done.  But, she plans on designing even more comfortable, smoothing Spanx bras in about six to eight months.

The whole idea of Spanx, while designed to slim and hold women’s bodies in place, is to make the consumers feel good in what they’re wearing.  Instead of wearing Spanx under pants, women can now wear Spanx as pants.

Personally, we see no problem with this.  iPods and cellphones meshed to make iPhones, so what’s wrong with Spanx and pants meshing to make Spanx jeans?  In our mind, nothing.  Our philosophy is that if it's stretchy, it's probably pretty comfy, and that principle definitely applies to these new pants.We’ll just have to wait and see what these magical jeans have in store come July.

Leave your comments and thoughts about Spanx jeans below! Would you wear them?