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Sophie Turner’s Hair on ‘Game of Thrones’ Actually Reveals a Huge Secret About Sansa

If you’re a fan of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, then you’re already familiar with the intense battle scenes, politics, lies and alliances that make this show so popular. But have you been paying attention to something else that’s hidden in the folds? More specifically, hidden in the braids?

Actress Sophie Turner has revealed that not only does her character Sansa Stark get to participate in some crazy scenes, but her ever-changing hairstyles actually have some meaning behind them! You might have assumed that her hairstyle was just a meaningless part of her costume, but that’s definitely not the case. Stark tells Refinery29 that her looks are never random, but always have a pattern.

In fact, her ‘do is typically a reflection upon who she is learning from in the show. “When she’s Cersei’s prisoner, and she’s kind of absorbing all her manipulative techniques, it’s reflected in her hairstyle, and when she’s finding the spirit of Margaery in herself, she wears her hair like Margaery,” Sophie says. The look that stands out the most for her, however, is when Sansa’s hair is black and pulled back into the very tight, taut French braids you might recognize from season five, because it was entirely Sansa’s creation and not a result from anyone else’s influence. Nothing says independent AF like some tight French braids! 

If you haven’t seen Sophie IRL, you might be a little surprised she’s actually a natural blonde, and not the coppery redhead she is on TV. She achieves this stand-out look by dying her hair twice a week with a semi-permanent dye. Yes, you read that right, twice a week! Since the vibrant color tends to fade fast, she has to keep up with regular beauty treatments in order to maintain her hair’s health with all of the excessive dying. She says she likes to use Wella’s Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Masks to keep her braids in tip-top shape to keep fighting on the battlefield!  

Watching Game of Thrones will never be the same now that we’ know the secret of Sansa’s hair. I can’t wait to see what look she’ll have during the season premiere on July 16! 

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