Trending Now: How to Take The Perfect 'Shoefie', According to IG

You’ve probably taken a shoefie before, even if you didn’t call it that. You were rocking a pair of the cutest shoes, and had to snap a pic for the ‘Gram or to share with friends. Sometimes, though, a shoefie can end up looking a little… awkward. It’s literally a picture of just your feet.

But how will you show off your super cute kicks? What can you add so that the photo doesn’t look as weird? Luckily, the members of Her Campus InfluenceHer Collective have got tons of inspo for you and your shoes. Get ready for all the shoefies you’re about to take!

Find a Good Floor



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Honestly, this is the simplest way to document your kicks. The fancy floor will add a nice backdrop so the photo doesn’t look too plain, but your shoes will still pop. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can add additional accessories to the shot, like this purse. 

Grab a Friend



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Everything’s better with friends, especially those with good shoes. Grab a friend and kick back — literally. Having two pairs of shoes in the shot livens it up a bit, and if you take the pic from a higher angle like this, you can include part of you and your friend’s fit.

Go Solo



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The whole point of the shoefie is to highlight the shoes — duh. So if you’re not feeling it that day or want to let the shoes really stand on their own, let them shine! Make sure to shoot your shoes on a nice background. I like this one because of the texture (and the kicks, of course). 

Take a Seat



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Most shoefies are taken standing up, but some shoes require a better shot. These Sketchers have more of a design on the side, and lying down allows them to stand out more. I love the monochromatic fit, and the purple pop on the sneakers makes them the star of this photo.

Get the Fit Too



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Just because it’s all about the shoes doesn’t mean you can’t include part of your fit. Because these super cute pants match the shoes so well, it makes sense to include them in the shot. The slight kick in this photo also makes it more interesting to look at. 

Add a Cool Edit



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I could watch this forever, I think. Not only do the printed socks make the shoes pop out, but this edit is amazing. Try rocking your heels with socks for a sporty look, and go for printed if you’re feeling wild. Then, edit your shoefie to make the photo stand out on other people’s feeds. 

I’ve got a lineup of shoes to take shoefies of now, and I’m definitely using some of these tips. There’s no way my green square-toe heels aren’t showing up on my Instagram now. Which shoes do you plan on taking shoefies of?

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