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             So you’re sitting in class, persevering through the last painful lecture of your long academic workday. You happen to look down at your notebook only to notice your v-neck tee has become overstretched from the days’ activities and is consequently now revealing the one bra you wish the cute boy in your class would never see: Its that thick strapped, nude, orthopedic-looking bra, revealing your inner granny who prefers wearing boring underwear and androgynous underthings over fancy, maybe even skimpy, undergarments. Suddenly looking at your bra you realize you don’t want to be that person who favors function over a dainty lingerie décor. What comes next- an oversized hockey jersey and worn in overalls…oh and those god-awful crocks?

            Fashion guru and author of Nothing to Wear, Jesse Garza, explains that for the most part women look for a simple method to focus on their priorities and to know that they can feel good about themselves and move through their world with confidence. Many often prefer to wear the same thing year in and year out rather than venture beyond their comfort zone and perhaps dress in pretty lady brassieres that will lift their mood all day long. If you’re already focusing on spicing up your style, than why ignore what’s underneath?
            I will say that the sad state of your underclothes may be taken as a sign that their contents are neglected; so it certainly couldn’t hurt and it might even raise your game a bit to pay attention to your garment purchases.
            So go home and take an underwear-drawer inventory. Make sure your drawer isn’t full of basic white cotton-blend or elastic band panties. No granny nude bras- we want wisps of lace and pattern. Next step, go to your local Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Wolfrod, Bloomingdales, Macy’s or even Target. Grab a couple of lacy camis and matching panties, something sexy but not offensive.

            For the next few days take your new purchases on a tour of your usual routine and see what they do for your confidence. For one, getting dressed in the morning should be more interesting than usual. This is not to say these new accessories unleash any sort of inner beauty and you won’t suddenly make eye contact with that handsome stranger. Instead maybe this new hint of sizzle can give you an instant reminder of your inner sensuality. Maybe you’ll realize, beyond work and everyday practicalities there’s fun!

For my first day of preschool I had three staple accessories: Bright pink lipstick, an old leather pocketbook, and my multi-patterned dress- even at a young age, I was boldy flaunting my unmistakable passion for fashion. That deep love for all things trendly ultimately carried me through the next sixteen years of my life. From party dresses to vintage shoes and eclectic accessories, style was always a key component to my existence. My previous internships as a freelance writer and a marketing intern at Turner PR, showed me how important the field of communications can be. And thus I have begun to explore how easily paralleled the worlds of fashion and communications are while working as both a fashion blogger and PR intern at Her Campus!
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