I Tried Wearing The Scarf Top Trend IRL & It Was...Interesting

As stores transition from crop tops to chunky sweaters, I can’t help but feel excited about all the new wardrobe options fall will bring. High temperatures, though, have constantly reminded me (and my AC) that summer is far from over. Is this what hot girl summer is? I’m melting even thinking about wearing a sweater. 

The whole month of August, I’ve focused on staying inside or wearing minimal clothing, but I’ve become a little tired of wearing the same white tank top with every outfit. I needed a top that was equally fashionable but would keep me cool. I turned to one of summer’s biggest trends — scarf tops. 



Уже два месяца планирую снять для вас «куда прицепить платок» и всё никак 🙄 Прожужала @bgrli и @ramin.r.aliyev всё уши об этом ( а они являются главными фотографами моего профиля ) и в итоге пока сняла только это ☹️ На днях сниму, обещаю 🤗 П.С. Если честно в город я пока не рисковала так выходить и носила платок, как топ, только лишь на море 🤓 Вы бы надели? #hermes #hermesscarf #styleinspo #ootd #velvetdynasty #scarftop #minimalstreetstyle #lornamademedoit

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A scarf top is exactly what you think it is — a scarf tied around your torso to wear as a top. You can tie it so that it looks like more of a bra, or so it looks more like a bandana. Make sure you grab a scarf that’s big enough to fit around your body (square scarves are ideal). 

I originally tied my scarf to look like more of a bra. I thought this look was more unique and fun than the bandana look, and I liked how it looked. After wearing it around my apartment, though, I realized that this style was not made for people who have a bigger chest, so I retied my top. 

Wearing the scarf top in this other style definitely made me and my girls feel more secure, as my front was pretty much completely covered at this point. I had tied the top pretty tightly, so if a gust of wind hit me, only the tip of the scarf would lift, and I wouldn’t expose myself. 

I wore this top out, and it was… interesting to say the least. Though having my back exposed was ideal for heat reasons, having my boobs basically bound to my chest was not (boob sweat is real, people). Regardless, I looked really cute, so I didn’t mind that much.

I grabbed coffee with a friend and ran a few errands, so I was out of the house for around four hours. The top stayed in place for the most part, but I did have to pull it up a few times. By the time I was walking home, though, I felt like I needed to retie the top. It was dangerously loose, and by the time I made it back to my apartment, it had untied. If you’re planning on wearing this top all day, make sure you’ve got a friend who can help you retie it. 

Overall, I thought the scarf top looked great, but I’m not sure it’s a trend I would wear again. Maybe if my scarf was bigger or I had a friend retie the top for me it would’ve worked, but I think this trend is better suited towards people with smaller chests.

For now, I think I’ll re-purpose my scarf as a headband or belt, but I’ll pass on the top. Do you think you’ll try this trend?