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Saint West’s Wardrobe is Goals AF

In case you haven't realized, there's 6-month-old who is way more rich and famous than you will ever be. Clearly, Saint West is that child. Son of social media mogul Kim Kardashian and designer/rap star Kanye West, Saint already runs the world, basically. 

On Wednesday, Kim gave us a sneak peak of what exactly Saint has in his closet—you know, in case you weren’t already jealous of him because of his famous parents. Thanks to Refinery29, we have a few of Kim’s favorite pieces for Saint. And yes, they all probably cost more than your college education.

There's his adorable bomber jacket that matches his mom's.

Do you think we could squeeze into these Yeezy's?

And who could forget this custom Ralph Lauren bomber jacket signed by Ralph himself?! 

But remember, these are just a few (and we are dying to see more). Kim wrote on her website, “Saint has so many amazing designer pieces already!!! Many of them are inspired by his dad, so I think it's appropriate to share them with you guys during The Week in Kanye!"

What exactly The Week in Kanye is, we don’t know, but do we care and want to know? Obviously. If it involves seeing more of Saint’s and North’s adorable wardrobes then count us in. 

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