Remembering Kate Spade: Lessons A Working Girl Can Learn From This Fashion Icon

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It was the summer before I started college and I was visiting my family in Chicago. We were browsing a store filled with high-end brands that a fresh high school grad could never afford. I stumbled into a Kate Spade section and was instantly in love. The bright colors and bold designs were so beautiful. It was later that year that my mom gifted me my first Kate Spade handbag for Christmas, a bright red Cedar Street Maise Satchel.

Toting my bag around campus made me feel like a new woman. The sophisticated design gave me a sense of boldness and confidence that no other accessory could top. There’s so much more to the Kate Spade brand than just making us ladies feel confident and joyful: There are deep lessons about femininity and entrepreneurship that Spade portrayed throughout her time building this brand. She helped shape me into the woman I am today and I only want to share a little of that wisdom with you. 

"She is quick and curious and playful and strong."

Spade taught us that women can be multifaceted. She was a mother, friend, business women, entrepreneur, wife . . . the list goes on and on. She wore multiple hats throughout her life and handled each of them with such grace. Her designs were ladylike and professional, and she wanted the women who wore them to be powerful and spirited. 

"We believe in celebrations, both big and small."

Spade taught me that life is worth celebrating. In the monotony of each day, we need to search for opportunities to reflect and honor. Whether that looks like going out for milkshakes in celebration of reaching a goal or taking a weekend trip to remember an anniversary, the message is clear: find the things in life worth celebrating. 

"Eat cake for breakfast."

If you are familiar with the Kate Spade brand at all, chances are you’ve seen this phrase plastered across coffee mugs, oven mitts and even bath robes, reminding us that some rules are made to be broken. Go ahead, eat that cake for breakfast. Mix your prints. Wear white whenever you want, even if Labor Day was months ago. 

In honor of a woman who’s designs brought so much joy and class to people all over the world, let’s carry on her legacy by living colorfully and inspiring those around us. 

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