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Taylor Stucchio
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My First Apartment: What $2,095 Will Get You in Philadelphia, PA

Location: Fishtown, Pennsylvania
Square-footage: 1,450
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Monthly Rent: $2,095 (split between 3)

I’m from Florida, so the closest I’ve been to Philly is a Philly cheesesteak, and that is not very close. After looking at this incredibly adorable apartment, I think I might have to move there permanently. The charming unit belongs to Taylor Stucchio and her two roommates in Fishtown, Pennsylvania. Their classic and sophisticated style screams ~adulthood~ and seems like the perfect place to jumpstart their freshman year of life

“My roommates and I kept our decor very minimal to create a really open and airy vibe with the high ceilings and windows. A lot of what we have in our living area was found while thrifting or is repurposed furniture from our families so we could splurge on other accents.” It’s hard to justify spending money on your apartment if you’re right out of college, so as much as you may want your space to look straight out of a West Elm catalog, you might have to get crafty. 

Taylor says, “having to deal with student loans and the addition of monthly apartment bills can put you on a tough budget, so I advise doing some major bargain hunting at ReStores and thrift shops. It’s a great feeling knowing you put together an awesome space without breaking the bank!” If you’re overwhelmed with student loans and wanting a cozy home to head to after work every day, let this be a reminder that you don’t have to spend all of your money on an apartment to make it cozy. 

The three roommates relied heavily on the old faithful trio for their apartment necessities:  Target, Home Goods and Home Depot. For quirky decor, they focused on thrift shops. But of everything in the apartment, their favorite accent is the exposed brick. “It gives the place such a cool, industrial feel and is definitely the most talked-about element of our apartment if we have guests over,” says Taylor. 

Take a full tour of the apartment below (and prepare to want to move to Fishtown, Pennsylvania). 

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