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The Perfect Summer Bathing Suit

It’s the peak of summer: yay! Barbeques, ice cream, and—of course—pool parties. But, as you’re no longer five years old and excited to plunge into a pool in (a) a suit your mom picked or (b) your birthday suit, that leaves with you with a dilemma. What swimsuit to choose?

Bradley Bayou, fashion designer and author of ‘The Science of Sexy,’ has some advice. And has he has dressed such A-list celebs with such a wide range of body types as Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Felicity Huffman, and Kiera Knightly, I’d say he probably knows what he’s talking about.

No Waist? No Problem.

$99, Victoria’s Secret

If you’re more of an up-and-down kind of girl, Bayou advises choosing a one piece with a deep V cut-out (only as deep as you’re comfortable, of course!) and a belted waist. I don’t like belted waists, but a wrap around does the trick, too.

If Your Midsection is a Little Softer…

$69.50, Loft
A low-rise bikini will elongate your abdomen and make you look leaner, right? Wrong! Go for a high-waisted bikini or a one-piece to pull you in, says Bayou.

If You’re Bigger on Top…

$18, Victoria’s Secret
Definitely go for support—a halter top or a bra-shaped top with underwire is probably your best best. To visually balance your body out, pair a darker top with a brighter (or patterned!) bottom.

But If You’re Like Me…

$36, Victoria’s Secret
And don’t really have much on top, Bayou says that you can go as skimpy as you like (within reason, of course) but need to be sure that the embellishments on your suit are on the top not the bottom. That will help emphasize what little you do have.

To Make Shorts Legs Look Longer…

$84, Roxy
This one’s pretty obvious: show as much leg as possible. Go for a high-cut leg, not boy shorts.

If Your Upper Body Goes On Forever…

$14.99-$17.99, Target
Minimize the distance between your top and bottom—for example, if you choose a shorter tankini, go for a high-waisted bottom. Otherwise, longer tankinis or one-pieces with empire waists are great bets.

Have fun!

Danai Kadzere is a Human Evolutionary Biology Concentrator at Harvard College. In addition to Her Campus, she blogs at http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com and loves acting, reading, writing, fashion, trying new things, yogurt, apples, and life. After college, she's being absolutely ridiculous and moving at NYC to be an actress or a poor writer (whichever sounds more plausible to you).
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