10 Pants That Aren't Jeans That Are Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Fall Fits

Everyone loves a good six or seven pairs of jeans to take themselves throughout the chilly months of fall. Like every other constant in the lives of may, denim is a staple piece that many find it hard to part from. While uniformity is great and throwing on some dark washed skinnies work for rushed mornings and lazy afternoons--if the seasons themselves change, so should you! 

It can be a challenge to find unique prints and cool colors that go with the aesthetic of fall, but with the right browser, great recommendations, and an overused Pinterest account--the search isn’t as painful as it seems. So I, lover of all things fall and fashion, have provided you with a list of stylish pants that will bring the spice that your morning latte can’t.

  1. 1. Leather love

    ASOS, Bershka PU cargo pant in black, $50; shop here

    You can dress these bad boys up or down with sneakers or heels, making this pair of pants the perfect fit for versatility. The many pockets and cuffed leg of the pants make them great for casual wear, but thier fit also screams out a night on the town. Need to make a statement? These say everything without uttering a word!

  2. 2. Stripes over checks

    ASOS, Verona Full Wide Leg Pants in Pin Stripe, $56; shop here

    This look takes business casual, or just plain casual, to the next level. You can spice it up with the matching duster or you can pair it with a turtleneck and jeans. These pants go with just about anything, making them perfect for a rushing-out-for-the-night situation!

  3. 3. Totally clueless

    ASOS, ASOS DESIGN high waist Cigarette pants in Orange check, $45; shop here

    Giving you classic 90s vibes, these pants bring the fun to prim and proper. A timeless staple in teenage fashion, the influence of Cher Horwitz still lingers among us today. Give your peers a clue with a pair of pants that will catch anyone’s attention. 

  4. 4. Lilac still lives

    ASOS, ASOS DESIGN paperbag pants with d ring in lilac, $51; shop here

    Who says you have to throw away pastels because the sun doesn’t come out as often? Bringing sunshine to a rainy day, this iconic color is a favorite for many monochromatic looks. You can pair it with a white turtleneck, a lilac graphic t-shirt, or find a blazer of the same color scheme. The possibilities are endless. 

  5. 5. Throwback Thursday

    Dolls Kill, Show me your Mumu Deacon Flares, $158; shop here

    These flared pants are perfect for a dramatic cold day. The flannel print and the style brings back seventies nostalgia in a stylish way. If you want something new and unique that your timeline will gawk at, I reccomend these groovy babies!

  6. 6. Legendary leather flare

    Dolls Kill, Everbody Wants Some Flare Pants, $55; shop here

    Everything is better in leather! Why? Because it gives you a bold, edgy look while exuding individuality and style. These pants are perfect for when the temperature starts to drop drastically and would look great with a matching black sweater.

  7. 7. Let's think green

    Dolls Kill, Moss Tactical Thirst Trap Cargo Joggers, $38; shop here

    These cargo pants are perfect for comfort casual, or dressy cute. They also are one of the best colors for the fall season. Dress them up with some heeled booties or down with some nikes--you’ll look fabulous either way.

  8. 8. Cute with a cause

    Dolls Kill,  Down to Mars Vegan Leather Pants, $48; shop here

    These strikingly gray pants are the perfect texture of patent, making your task of putting a bomb fit together a tad bit easier. They are also vegan leather, which eases your conscious as well.

  9. 9. Life of the party

    Dolls Kill, Disco Diva Sparkle Trousers, $38; shop here

    Are you tired of the fall color scheme, finding them dull and boring? Spice up your wardrobe with these show stoppers, guaranteed to leave a little sparkle behind anywhere you go!

  10. 10. You're snaking me crazy

    PrettyLittleThing, White Snakeskin Faux Leather Pants, $32; shop here

    These Snakeskin Faux Leather pants are great to transition the animal print craze from the summer into the fall. Their unique texture, vibrant print, and flattering fit are enough to make anyone go crazy over your fit.

With a variety of options like these, you'll want to throw your denim in the attic with the rest of the summer clothes. Fall is finally here, which means it's time for you to show the timeline that you can still look hot when it's cold outside.

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