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How to Wear ‘Living Coral’ In All Your Makeup This Year

Every year, Pantone releases their “Color of the Year,” carefully chosen after extensive research of trends in art, entertainment and design, as well as the cultural atmosphere. This year, Pantone chose 16-1546 Living Coral, self-describing it as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” With the overwhelming reach of technology in today’s world, Pantone wanted to put forth a color that was warm, playful and optimistic.

So, what does this color proclamation mean for your beauty routine? Though there is some argument about the wearability and versatility of the color, nearly everyone can find a wear to contribute to the coral trend.

Neutral Eye + Bold Lip

Though this is a classic pairing, at the end of 2018, we were seeing a spike in a very natural eye look with a vibrant red lip. People are saying that this trend is going to continue into 2019, but why not combine the two trends together, channeling a very simple eye paired with bold coral lipstick? By keeping the eyes neutral, the focus is directed straight to those beautiful lips.

Coral Smokey Eye

Typically, when one thinks about a smokey eye, a bright pink eye look is not the first thing that comes to mind – which is exactly why this look is sure to turn heads! With new products hitting the market like the James Charles’ Unleash Your Inner Artist and BH Cosmetics’ Take me back to Brazil  palettes, bright eye looks are going to be everywhere this year. Incorporate Living Coral into your smokey eye routine by keeping all the colors on your eye in the same color family. Use the brightest colors on the inside of your lid, getting darker as you move your way out will give you a nice shape to your eyes.

Pop of Color



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If you’re new to makeup, or simply like to keep to nudes, but still want to participate in this year’s biggest trend, you can keep it more subtle by placing a pop of coral on the inner corner of your eyes. A trend that was huge at the beginning of 2018, doing this slightly elevates your look without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. Try using a coral shade with lots of shimmer to really draw light into the inner corner to make your eyes appear larger and more awake. Another way to add in this pop of color is by using a colored liner to really switch things up.




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Monochromatic looks have been taking over the red carpets the last few years. Monochromatic looks are ones where the whole face is done in the same color scheme. As probably one of the easiest looks in this article to pull off, we recommend sticking to less saturated coral products if you are going to use it all over. Keeping your coral shades subtle blends the whole look together to make it look very cohesive with a natural and fresh-faced glow. Stay even more on trend by wearing a popsicle lip with this look!

Flush with Color



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For those mornings that you’re running late and don’t have time to put on a full face, a perfect way to pull together your look is to throw on a cream blush. The little flush it gives you makes you appear rosy and healthy, and the cream consistency adds a nice dewy touch to your skin, making it appear super soft. You can also pair this with the monochromatic look by using a multitasking product on your eyes, lips, and face.

Candy Hair



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Ready to throw subtlety to the wind? Coral hair is one of the most gorgeous hair trends we’re going to be seeing this year. We’ve seen pink hair in the past- from bubblegum to pastel to rose gold- this year is going to focus on the warm, rich vibrancy of coral. While certainly exciting, incorporating Pantone’s color of the year into your hair color doesn’t have to be extreme. Opt for a more wearable (and office friendly) tone if you’re not quite ready to go bold.

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Fun Fact: If you google Coral Beauty you get images of this fish by the same name.

Makenna is a Senior studying Business Advertising at USF. She is the head of Social Media and Marketing for USF, a beauty editorial intern for Nationals, and is also a Brand Ambassador for MyRentHero. On the weekends, you can find her reading advertising books, going on photoshoots, or binge-watching one of the thousand shows she's watching.