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This Viral Patrick Starrr Blush Palette Is Sold Out, But Here’s When It’ll Be Restocked

Attention, all beauty lovers — do I have some news for you. If you’ve been scrolling through your TikTok FYP over the past few days, I’m more than positive you’ve come across this mega-viral blush product. Really, everyone knows that blush has been making a major comeback as of late, and guess what? Another product is swarming the scene, and it happens to be ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr’s blush trio palette in Attention Seeker.

Yes, the one and only Patrick Starrr debuted a new model of the Cheek Clapper 3D blush palette, and it happens to come in three exuberant, bright pink shades and formulas that quite literally everyone is gushing over. TikTok has loved it so much it’s actually sold out everywhere. Never fear, though, because the Attention Seeker blush trio palette is about to be restocked, and I’m about to dish all the details. 

Ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day, beauty influencer Joolieannie, aka Jools, posted a video on Feb. 11 with a bright pink, Barbiecore-inspired blush look. Immediately, users began asking what blush Jools was sporting, to which she gave us all what we were wishing for: an early reveal of the newest shade available in ONE/SIZE’s Cheek Clapper 3D blush trio palette, Attention Seeker


Replying to @allifeldman_ #fyp #onesizebeauty #onesize CHEEK CLAPPER IN SHADE “ATTENTION SEEKER”

♬ original sound – Jools 💕

Almost instantaneously, viewers fell in love with the three-in-one textured blush palette that sports three different cream, powder, and highlighter formulas. The product then dropped on Feb. 14, and it has been blowing up on TikTok ever since. Really, it seems as if almost every single time that I scroll through my FYP, I’m seeing a new creator testing out this iconic blush palette. 


WE IN YOUR DMS !! SAYING YOU ARE PRETTY!! 🤩🤩🤩 @onesize #onesize #onesizebeauty #onesizeblush #creamblush #attentionseeker

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While Jools said in her OG video that she wanted to keep this product “between us” so that it wouldn’t sell out, the product quickly went out of stock. The Attention Seeker blush palette went so viral that it sold out on both Sephora’s and ONE/SIZE’s website in less than a week after it came out, so of course everyone is sad that they can’t get their hands on it. But, that won’t be for long, because luckily for all of us, the product is about to be restocked. Yes, that’s right: ONE/SIZE’s Cheek Clapper 3D blush trio palette in Attention Seeker will be restocking at Sephora on Feb. 23. 

After the blush palette got snatched up, fans took to the brand’s TikTok page to ask exactly when we could expect for the product to come back. In the comments of multiple videos, ONE/SIZE’s official account has revealed that Attention Seeker will be back in-store at Sephora on Feb. 23. Mark your calendars, because the date is coming up, and you’re gonna want to pick up this product before it (most likely) sells out again.


May I have your attention please! 📣 Our NEW Cheek Clapper shade in ATTENTION SEEKER has arrived! 💗🎀

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I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with all things pink and beauty related, so I’m going to be *running* to the Sephora in my local mall come Feb. 23. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to pick up one of these palettes to test out on my own. May the odds be ever in your favor, makeup enthusiasts. 

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