Olympic Fashion: YEA or NAY for the Best & Worst Country Uniforms

We’ve been told that we need to look our best on job interviews, on first dates, and of course for those crucial, “casual” post break-up Instagrams, but no occasion calls for classy clothes more than the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony. All we know is that if we were called up to represent our country, we’d tear our closets apart in search of the perfect look (and never, ever find it... it’s not like we’re Carrie Bradshaw, or anything). Needless to say, the pressure is on when it comes time to design the looks for the Olympic teams. The world is watching! Still, even after 26 Summer Olympic Games (27 if you count 1906’s unofficial Olympics in Athens), some countries just can’t seem to nail it. We’ve weighed in on this year’s Olympic fashion favorites and faux pas:

The Victory Ceremony Presenter Outfits: NAY

Yes, purple is the color of royalty, and the Brits might have wanted to honor their royal traditions... but these outfits for the Victory Ceremony presenters are a far cry from Kate Middleton’s wardrobe (or even that of the Queen Mum herself). We can’t decide if they’d be more fitting on the deck of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise or in the closet of The Hungers Games’ Effie Trinket, but we do know that they don’t belong anywhere near an international stage. The outfits were designed by Thomas Crisp and Trine Hav Christensen, students at the Royal College of Art, who created the looks with Greek mythology and London architecture in mind. Apparently we need to brush up on our mythology knowledge, because something about these outfits just doesn’t say ‘Mt. Olympus’ to us (unless those flaps of fabric over the shoulders are supposed to be Heracles’s cape?).

U.S.A.’s Opening Ceremony Outfits: YEA

In typical Ralph Lauren fashion, these opening ceremony outfits feature the good ol’ red-white-and-blue without looking like they belong in a country music video (more likely on the field in a polo match... hence the name ‘Polo’). The gold button/navy suit combo gives the looks a hint of nautical freshness that’s perfect for summertime in Londontown. Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren managed to tick off most of America when he made the decision to have the uniforms manufactured in China... so much, in fact, that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested they be burned. Regardless of the controversy, these stylish outfits still make us proud to be (fashionable) Americans.

U.S.A.’s Team Uniforms: NAY

Oops! It looks like Nike forgot to give Disney/Pixar credit when it revealed these Incredibles-inspired uniforms. The almost entirely red outfits aren’t exactly forgiving (talk about showing every bump and bulge) and look more like gym uniforms we’d expect to see at Glee’s McKinley High than Olympic uniforms we’d expect to see in London. We have to admit that the shoes are just neon enough to avoid the Minnie Mouse look, so props for boldness, but really, couldn’t they have put that pop of color somewhere – anywhere – else on that leotard? Really.