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8 Nostalgic ‘Percy Jackson’ Outfit Pieces To Re-Channel Your Inner Half-Blood

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ series is finally here! Released on Dec. 20, this long-awaited adaptation — arriving nearly two decades after the release of Rick Riordan’s groundbreaking novel The Lightning Thief and almost 15 years after the live-action film — has rekindled the magic and wonder of the beloved saga. If you want to enter your nostalgic Percy Jackson fashion era in celebration, here are some outfits to add to your closet in the new year.

Die-hard fans and a new generation of viewers alike were captivated by the initial two episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, relishing in the return of Percy Jackson, who is now more captivating and dynamically-portrayed than ever before. While the novels were initially targeted at young adults, college students who grew up with the books are thrilled to see their favorite characters come back to light on the screen. It’s even better that they’re accurately represented, closely following the intricate details found within the pages of the original books.

Whether you’re yearning for a stroll down memory lane or discovering the wonders of Camp Half-Blood for the first time, the Percy Jackson Disney+ series promises an enchanting journey into the heart of Greek mythology. If you need the perfect outfit to accidentally vaporize your pre-algebra teacher or to become supreme lord of the bathroom, here are eight outfit pieces to rekindle your inner half-blood nostalgia.

Baseball Cap

Inspired by Annabeth’s iconic invisibility cap, embrace the spirit of adventure for any day out by sporting your favorite baseball hat. With its versatile and timeless design, this cap not only adds a touch of style, but also provides practical sun protection, making it the perfect accessory for any outdoor activities. Bonus points if it has a New York Yankees logo embroidered on the front.

Beaded Necklace

A yearly summer tradition at Camp Half-Blood is the camp necklace. As the season draws to a close, every camper receives a unique necklace adorned with a hand-painted bead symbolizing the most significant event of the year. While you can personalize your own set on sites like Etsy, these multicolored beaded necklaces effortlessly elevate any outfit with a touch of personal memento.

Blue Jeans

Percy Jackson’s obsession for the color blue is contagious, and what better way to embrace that passion than by slipping into a timeless pair of blue jeans? With these highly-breathable pants, you’ll be comfortable for any event within CHB’s rigorous daily activity schedule.

Chuck Taylors

One of the critical tools in the series is Hermes’ shoes, which sprout wings and allow the owner to fly. As described in the novel, these basketball-like sneakers look like the famous Converse Chuck Taylors, but have an H symbol in place of the iconic star. While you won’t literally fly, you’ll definitely be in the clouds with how comfortable these high tops are.


A flannel top is perfect for those nights by the campfire, as worn by Walker Scobell, who plays Percy, in the series trailer. They undeniably give off a cool-kid vibe, and they’re literally made to be in the rugged outdoors. The warmth and versatility make this top perfect for those cooler camp nights.

Jansport Backpack

Looking for a place to store your sword, winged shoes, Daedalus’ laptop, or some ambrosia? The classic Jansport backpack has you covered for all of your camp essentials. This stylish bag is easy to carry around campus, and its sleek designs and colors can cater to whomever your godly parent is (blue for Poseidon, floral for Demeter, black for Hades, clouds for Zeus, etc.).


It wouldn’t be summer without a trusty pair of shorts — the timeless jorts. Often subject to playful banter, these jorts become the ultimate go-to for sunny days. In the spirit of the humorous and pop culture-savvy Percy Jackson series, it makes sense that certain campers would absolutely rock their jorts.

Orange T-Shirt

Despite its bold and brash orange hue, the iconic camp T-shirt, featuring a majestic Pegasus, remains a staple for Percy Jackson enthusiasts. However, if you’re looking to wear a top that’s more classy, opt for an orange baby tee that better suits your wardrobe.

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