The Nine Most Iconic Halloween Costumes From Our Favorite Celebs

If anyone knows how to go all-in on a Halloween costume, it’s probably our favorite celebrities and stars. Some of our faves, like model and “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum, pull out all the stops year after year, while some celebrities bring their whole families in on the act. We’ve rounded up nine of the most iconic celebrity Halloween styles, and hopefully you can find some inspiration for your very own out-of-the-box Halloween look.

Heidi Klum’s MJ-Inspired Look



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Who else could we start with? Heid Klum is known for her insane Halloween looks, and last year, her take on the wolf man from Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” music video blew us away. Her special effects make-up artists have serious talent, and transformed her into a real-life monster. She was accompanied to her annual Halloween bash by a crew of characters straight out of the classic music video. 

Stephen Curry’s Jigsaw



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Jigsaw haunts all of our nightmares, and NBA star Steph Curry completed his look with a real tricycle. He shared a video of his costume on his Instagram account, and it's hard to believe Stephen Curry is even under the scary costume. Recreating iconic horror looks for Halloween might seem simple, but adding details and accessories make the looks much more real and believable. 

LeBron James’ Pennywise



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NBA stars have got Halloween completely covered. LeBron James has the creepiest, realest costume version of Pennywise we’ve seen yet. Who knew that a person could be so talented at basketball and planning Halloween looks?

Neil Patrick Harris’ Circus



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David Burka and Neil Patrick Harris have the cutest family ever, and their family’s themed Halloween costumes never disappoint. Last year, they went as their very own circus, and every single detail was impeccably coordinated.

Gigi Hadid’s Sandy



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Grease will always be one of our favorite iconic movies, and back in 2015 Gigi Hadid recreated the classic good-girl-gone-bad look of Sandra Dee. Gigi is already beautiful, but we have to admit she looks amazing with the curls and the leather jacket!

Usher as “Game of Thrones” Character The Night King



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Fans of the hit show “Game of Thrones” would not be disappointed in Usher’s take on character The Night King. His costume was detailed and complete with special effects makeup. It was definitely one of last year’s best celebrity takes on a TV themed Halloween costume.

Alec Baldwin’s “Wizard of Oz”



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As you can tell, we love a good family Halloween costume, and Alec and Hilaria Baldwin joined in on the fun with their three kids in a “Wizard of Oz” themed look. With Alec as the tin man and Hilaria as the good witch, we loved their take on Oz.

Kristen Bell as Elsa



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Let’s be real, Kristen Bell is adorable in every way. Across comedies both in television and movies, she captures audiences hearts while being absolutely hilarious and talented. She dressed up as Elsa with her daughter in 2017 and we’re all a little more willing to dress up as a princess this year after seeing her precious look.

Lauren Conrad’s Cruella de Vil



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Fashion icon and lifestyle inspiration Lauren Conrad shared her annual Halloween look last year. Taking on one of the most iconic Disney villains, her Halloween style is one we’d all be willing to use as inspiration. No matter how old you are, a Disney villain is a great choice for Halloween style.

No matter where you’re getting your Halloween style inspiration this year, make sure to add details and think of creative ways to transform popular costumes! Adding your own touch and creative spin to a classic character or costume idea can make it completely fresh and unique.