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10 Neon Signs To Buy For Your Dorm To Have The Trendiest Room On Campus

September is right around the corner, which means the most stressful day of the year is coming up: dorm room move-in day. The one day of the year where thousands of students move their lives into one single room. Whether you’re sharing a room with other people or you’re alone, it can be a stressful time for both you and the people helping you move in. You’ve probably spent hours on Amazon or at Target looking for dorm room decorations that really represent who you want to be in college. I mean you probably have a Pinterest board already set up with the perfect decorations for your room, and now you need the board to come to life! One of the most important things you need for your dorm is different kinds of lighting. You’ll need some study lights, overhead lights (obviously), and the most creative part, neon lights

There’s so many customizable neon signs that you can purchase for your dorm room this year that are both adorable and affordable. They’re also super easy to set up, and can make for a really cute photo setup for the ‘gram with your friends, new or old. You can also create your own signs that have meaningful phrases to you, too! Now, let’s jump into some of the best neon signs to buy for your dorm room.

Custom Neon Sign

This website is perfect if you’re interested in creating your own neon sign. The prices range from $78 to $217, depending on the size.

Melting Mushroom Neon Sign ($24)

This melting mushroom sign is small, cute, and affordable!

Neon Heart SIgn ($11)

If you’re looking for a small neon sign to put on your windowsill, this heart sign is perfect. It’s small, and is extremely radiant for everyone outside to see.

Mojo Dojo Casa House Neon Sign ($58)

For all you Barbie fans who want everyone to see your Mojo Dojo Casa House, check out this sign from Etsy.

Hustle Neon Sign ($35)

To motivate you to study for your finals, get this hustle sign to keep you on track! 

Squad Neon Sign ($39)

Snap a picture with your squad in front of this sign and show it off!

Good Vibes Neon Sign ($25)

We gotta spread those good vibes this school year, and what’s a better way of doing it than with this cute sign?

Cloud & Bolt Neon Sign ($16)

If you’re rooming with another person, this cloud and lighting bolt combo sign is definitely for you. This pack is super affordable, and you can put the two signs on opposite ends of your room!

Musical Note Neon Sign ($12)

For you music fanatics, this neon sign is perfect to hang in your room around your band posters.

Cocktails Neon Sign ($33)

Finally, this cocktail neon sign is a super fun design and is great for your weekend adventures! It’s $56 but is running out fast!

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