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The Korean beauty industry is known to be particularly forward-thinking. It’s the industry that graced us with the wonderful BB and CC (and even DD!) creams. Not only that, but they gave us oil cleansers and facial masks too! We are bringing you right into the heart of the latest trend-setting Korean beauty products. If you’re in search for a truly out-of-the-box cosmetics gift, or wanting to treat yourself this holiday season, check out our favorites in the Korean beauty market!

My Lip Tint Pack ($15.99)

Peel-off lipstain! You apply, wait a couple of minutes, and then peel if off, like a mask, to have 12 hours of lip color. It also helps exfoliate and remove dead skin from your lips. Unfortunately, it’s not a “put on and go” product because the mask needs to set, but seriously… How cool is this product? Apply, peel, BOOM—color!

Mizon Returning Starfish Cream ($32.00)

If you must know, yes, this product actually does contain starfish extract. In the same way that starfish are able to recreate limbs that have been cut off, this cream wil also rejuvenate your skin. Perfect for those cold winter months or sleepless nights!

Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Bee Venom Mist ($15.64)

Those with bee allergies, bee-ware, this is not a product for you! For everybody else though, this facial mist contains royal jelly, bee venom extract, honey, fruit extracts, and oils to refresh your makeup and keep your face feeling fresh throughout the day.

Manefit Bling Bling Hydro Gel Masks ($6.00)

The only problem we’ve come across with sheet masks is the fact that they tend to slide off our faces if we aren’t laying flat down. This mask is made out of a hydrogel, which is specially formulated to stay on your face. Plus, it contains gold… meaning you’ll feel like a million bucks after using this mask!

Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream ($21.00)

Like magic, this cream goes on white, and as you blend, matches your skin tone thanks to color capsules in the formula. It is, however, catered to lighter skin tones.

May Coop Cleansing Mousse ($32.00)

Move over coconut water—maple water is a coming! This cleanser, which is made up of 70 percent maple water and green tea extract, will have your face feeling clean and refreshed.

Too Cool for School Art Class Pencil Eraser Eye Makeup Remover ($11.90)

Now say that product name 10 times, and quickly. Ever had an eyeliner mishap? You’ll never have to scramble for a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover again—with this product, you get an easier and more precise way to fix your eyeliner mishaps—or even create cool designs with your eyeliner.

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask ($23.00)

Another thing the Korean beauty industry is known for: Interesting ingredients. Created with snail slime, this cream is sure to help your skin recover from skin damage, keep it protected, and rejuvenate it! You will wake up with bright and healthy skin—just make sure to wash it off in the morning.

Iope Air Cushion Sunblock XP [SPF 50+/PA+++] ($45.00)

Apparently this product is the pinnacle Korean beauty innovation. It provides sun protection, evens out your skin tone, covers your blemishes, moisturizes, and gives you a flawless face… all at the same time! But that’s not even the revolutionary part. The compact has an air cushion, a sponge filled with foundation, within it. You use the provided applicator to put it on. Unfortunately this product doesn’t work for all skin tones: There are only three shades and they all cater to the lighter side of the skin spectrum.

Have any of you collegiettes hopped aboard the Korean beauty train? Let us know what producst should have been included!

Elodie is currently enrolled at Duke University, Class of 2016. She is involved in her sorority, Chi Omega, Bench & Bar, GlobeMed, and Students of the Caribbean Association. She is pre-law and studying Political Science with certificates in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and a minor in Sociology. As one of our Beauty School bloggers, she is fairly obsessed with all things makeup and cosmetics. When she's not running debt on clothes and makeup, you can usually find her out and about, exploring whatever town she is in or watching Netflix cuddled with a mug of hot chocolate. Currently, her favorite show is "Hawaii Five-O". She aspires to be the next Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating rolled into one, but with a stable marriage and children. Her life will be complete once Buzzfeed creates an article titled "X Reasons why We Love Elodie". Elodie loves talking and responds to all of her emails. She would love to hear from you! You can contact her at: Email: elodiejeanphilippe@hercampus.com Twitter/Instagram: @GetElodofThis_ Blog: http://getelodofme.blogspot.com