The Most Flattering Sweaters For Your Body Shape

Sweaters: a fall and winter wardrobe staple for the majority of collegiettes. As the temperatures continue to drop, collegiettes everywhere will flock to their favorite stores to ensure their sweater collection is on point for the chilly months ahead.

But with the multitude of different types of sweaters out there, it’s sometimes difficult to know what will look best on your body.

No matter what body type you have, check out our guide with advice from Colin McDonald, celebrity/fashion stylist and commentator, to find the perfect sweater for you.


Many girls with larger busts think all sweaters will only emphasize this already noticeable part of their bodies. However, thinner sweaters made of lighter materials are a great exception to this rule.

"Stick with thin or lightweight sweaters like cashmere or cotton as bulkier types of sweaters will just add to your large chest,” says McDonald. “If you're looking to disguise the girls and not show them off, an unstructured style sweater will do the trick.”

Unstructured doesn’t mean that you should look for sweaters that are completely loose, only that you should try to find ones that are loose enough to drape in a flattering manner so that nothing pulls. You don’t want anything that will tightly cling. Try to find pieces with belts or low buttons to avoid tugging across your chest.

Also, look for sweaters with scooped necklines rather than high or plunging ones to deemphasize your bust even more.

Try one of these stylish options:

Oversized Shell Button Rust Red Cardigan, ROMWE, $49.99


Deer Distressed Mint Jumper, ROMWE, $33.35


Pink Tie Belt Longline Cardigan, Fashion Union, $24


For apple-shaped figures, those with a rounder middle, you want pieces that work to make shoulders and waist appear narrower while accentuating your legs and chest. Longer tunic-length cardigans that skim your figure and don’t cling are great for doing just this. Stay away from chunky knits and anything else that’s going to add volume. V-necks are great for drawing attention to your chest and away from your shoulders. Sweaters with dark colors and small patterns are also good choices.

Chain Trimmed Open Cardigan, Forever 21, $29.80


BP. V-Neck Cardigan, Nordstrom, $42.50


Classic Longline Cardigan, Forever 21, $18.50