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4 Times I’ve Fallen So In Love with a Sample Size, I Bought the Whole Product

Have you ever received a sample of a product, and the second you tried it, you knew you were hooked? Yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s hard not to obsess over mini or travel sized beauty products, especially if you’ve received them for free from your favorite retailer. Who doesn’t love their three free minis they get with every online Sephora purchase? They’re practically the best part!

If you’re looking for your next go-to face mask, setting spray, or mini mascara, here are a few personal matches made in heaven as a result of great PR! 

1. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 



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Too Faced, sephora.com, $25; shop now

A mini-mascara is an absolute necessity, and this little treasure completely stole my heart when I received it as a purchase reward. The formula is to die for, my lashes have never been longer, and that wand? I can’t live without it! I take my mini everywhere, and the full size I bought lives happily in my makeup bag. This is one of my holy grail products for sure.


2. Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask



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Glow Recipe, sephora.com, $45; shop now

Listen, I know this is a bit pricey, but I couldn’t resist purchasing the full size after receiving a sample. It is the creamiest, most hydrating, and richly scented sleeping mask I’ve ever used. It doesn’t smell too sweet, and it really does melt into your skin like silk. When I wake up in the morning, my face is so soft, I barely believe it’s my skin. This mask is definitely a ride-or-die for me. 


3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss



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Anastasia Beverly Hills, sephora.com, $16; shop now

This thick and creamy gloss is the perfect finishing touch to any neutral summer look. This shade “Kristen” is great for any and all skin tones, plus it’s super long lasting. I received this gloss in a Summer Nudes set of Sephora Favorites, and it was by far the best product! It’s super thick and opaque, which is lovely for your everyday summer lip. However, it’s heavily scented, so it might not be the best for folks with sensitive noses. I, on the other hand, have been in love with it ever since! 


4. Caudalie Grape Water



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Caudalie, sephora.com, $18; shop now

I received the sample size of this as a birthday gift, and I haven’t used another toning spray since. I’ve repurchased the full size many times, and it has yet to disappoint. The mist is super fine, and the scent is light and clean, making it the perfect finish to my nighttime skin care routine. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for something to soothe redness and irritation, this might be the product for you! It’s worked wonders for me. 


Everyone loves a happily ever after, especially when it comes to purchasing makeup products. Sample sizes are a must when you’re on the hunt for your perfect product, so make sure to take advantage of every free sample and birthday reward you receive. And make sure to take a look at a specific brand’s sets of minis, because they’re usually a great price for the amount of sample sized products you get. 


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