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This Miley Cyrus Converse Collection Is Peak Shoe Aesthetic For Anyone Who Loves Bandanas & Glitter

In case you haven’t checked Instagram lately, here’s the big news: Miley Cyrus teamed up with Converse to bring us a collection that encompasses every part of Miley’s style – and yes, that means glitter.

Fans have been waiting for the release since Miley’s announcement of the line back in November, teasing us with photos of the product. “Are you freaking out?!?! Because I am!!!!!! @converse collab!” she wrote on one Instagram post.

Yeah, Miley. Actually, we are freaking out. I mean, look at them! The color palette is fairly limited – a classic combination of black, white and bubblegum pink – making them perfect for everyday wear. But the three features that make the designs stand out? Glitter, bandana print and platform soles — all bold statements, and yet, just like Miley, they really *werk*.

Now that the line has dropped officially, all eight designs are on sale, and there’s definitely a shoe for everyone in this collection. Converse’s site introduces Converse X Miley Cyrus as “a mix-and-match collection for Miley fans of all ages and genders, shapes, sizes, and unique styles. All designed for embracing your individuality — with glitter.” Miley specifically has voiced that she wants the line to be inclusive of all genders. 

You can check out Converse x Miley for yourself here.

Stephanie Blair is a freelance writer and photographer with nearly five years of experience working with print and online publications. She is currently living in Salem, Oregon while finishing her degree at Western Oregon University.
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