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8 Mid-Size Influencers to Follow on TikTok if You’re in Need of Some Body Positivity & Fashion Inspo

With the call for inclusivity and better representation, there’s been a rise in mid-size influencers on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. If you’re not sure what mid-size refers to, a quick Google search defines it as “of an average size; intermediate in size between large and small.” The mid-size community took off in response to the lack of representation in media and fashion for women who don’t have bodies that fit into a size zero like many models that are seen on advertisements, but who also don’t quite fall in the plus size category. That being said, being “mid-size” can look really different from person to person. However, even if one influencer looks slightly different than you, it’s really great to see cute outfits on a person who has some characteristics of your body type, rather than someone who doesn’t even remotely look like you. Below are eight of my favorite mid-size fashion and body positivity accounts on TikTok to follow if you fall in this category and need some inspiration!


If you’re looking for an equal balance of body positivity and fashion inspo, Chole Xandria is worth a follow. She loves hyping up mid-size bodies and offering styling tips and brand suggestions as well as suggestions of flattering poses for the perfect Instagram photo. Chloe tends to sport a size 12/14 and has a lot of casual but stylish outfits to inspire your next look. Chloe also handles her haters with a great sense of humor; while it’s unfortunate she has any, her confidence and comebacks make for entertaining TikToks.


If you’re more on the petite side and a part of the size 12 gang, I definitely recommend following Abi Nunn on TikTok and Instagram. Her accounts offer the trendiest fashion inspiration and the occasional body positivity reminder. Her dancey videos, pastels, and sometimes bold outfits, will bring the pop and color your FYP needs!


If you’re a part of the mid-size gang and enjoy the fashion side of Pinterest, you might be disappointed by the lack of diversity in body types seen on there. Sometimes you’ll see an outfit you really love, but it’s hard to imagine it on someone with your body type. Look no further, TikTok influencer Destiny Davis has a great series called “Pinterest Outfits on Size 12/14.” Destiny isn’t the only one in the community doing these kinds of videos, either! But her fashion sense isn’t boxed into one style, which is helpful if your taste in clothing ranges from casual to chic. 


For gals on the smaller end of the mid-size spectrum, size 6/8, Logan Rae Hill is the TikTok influencer to follow. While she makes makeup and hair tutorials, her primary focus is fashion. Her account has an abundance of outfit inspiration depending on the occasion. Logan’s style is generally delicate and often pink, but she also has super cute neutral colored outfits as well, if that’s more your speed!


Megan Carole’s content is more about body positivity than about fashion. She still has the occasional outfit inspo and posts cool things like the Marilyn Monroe look she recreated. For reference, the clothes she wears tend to be a size 16. Megan exudes positivity with the way she promotes self-love — it’s sunshine on your FYP, and who couldn’t use that in between the usually funny but sometimes self-deprecating humor on TikTok?


Tenley Patterson gained recognition on TikTok for her series called “Not Skinny Enough,” which was a response to a TikTok where a girl put together several cute outfits but then said she didn’t feel skinny enough to wear them confidently. In the series, Tenley puts together more “daring” outfits for those of a mid-size build (size 14, for reference) and shows how well they can be worn no matter the body type you have!


Liz Thul is a TikTok influencer and YouTuber. Since summer is around the corner, you may be in the market for some new bathing suits. She has a ton of swimsuit rec videos, which will prove useful as we prepare for the season. Liz also puts the occasional body positive pick-me-up video on your FYP!


Lauren Scallen’s account offers beauty tips and lifestyle videos. She’s also a promoter of outfits for sizes 8/10. Lauren has tried out notable brands like Abercrombie, lululemon, and American Eagle to make your hunt for the perfect jeans or the perfect spring outfit easier.

While the emergence of the mid-size community is a great step toward better representation for women, there’s still work to be done so all members of the community, including, but not limited to, women of color, are seen and heard as well. The movement for better representation and body positivity, also shouldn’t be solely left in the hands of individuals or influencers. Thankfully, we’ve seen brands respond to the mid-size movement with their “curvy” lines of clothing and their website models (for example, Aerie). Of course, there’s still work to be done there, too. 

TikTok has been instrumental in promoting positive messages about body acceptance and fashion tips for bodies of all sizes and will likely contribute to a generation of women who are more confident in their own skin than those that came before! This list is a great place to start your body positivity journey and make your feed feel more “you.” 

Angelina is an alum of SUNY Oneonta, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications/Media Studies with a concentration in production and minor in Professional Writing. She is currently a national contributing writer for the Her20s section. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, discovering new music, watching TV shows, writing, and going on adventures ( including but not limited to hiking, travel, & late night trips to the supermarket.) You can connect with her via her LinkedIn and reach her at [email protected]
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