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These Matcha Latte Nails Are The Ultimate Inspo For Your Next Mani

A new dreamy nail trend is making the rounds on TikTok, and you’ll never guess where it’s from. Matcha latte nails are the newest nail trend, where people show off their own twist on the famous Japanese green tea’s hue. Yes, you read that right. Green tea is the newest inspiration for trendy nails, and honestly, they’re beautiful. This isn’t the first time matcha has been incorporated into our daily lives (besides consuming it). It’s been used for face masks, and the color has inspired fashion looks all over the world. No matter how we use the color of the popular green tea, it has yet to disappoint, and this new matcha latte nail trend is proof of that. 

The best part about the matcha latte nail trend is that there is no correct way to do it. You can use endless designs in different shades of the color, depending on your style and mood. Many people who have tried the matcha latte nails have added extra designs, such as flowers, or mixed different green colors to create the ultimate matcha latte look. Whatever your style is, you’ll definitely be able to use this matcha latte nail inspiration below for your next visit to your salon. 

Swirly Matcha Latte Nails

This simple yet gorgeous look is just a small taste of what the world of matcha latte nails has to offer. A sheer base coat of your choosing plus a couple of swoops of matcha-toned nail polish from your nail tech, and you’ll be in and out of the salon!

Ombre Matcha Latte Nails

This ombre matcha latte mani is so refreshing. Not sure about what designs to get on your nails? Skip the art and do this instead — you can’t go wrong with this gradient vibe! 

Spring Flower Matcha Latte Nails

Want a matcha latte mani with a bit of spring? This cute flower design helps pop the matcha color, and gives the ultimate spring vibes. An easy, cute, and fun design right at your fingertips! 

Matcha Latte Nails With White

If you’re looking for another color to add to your matcha latte nails, look no further — white is the color to choose! Using a color like white helps the matcha hue stand out and creates contrast. 

Solid Matcha Latte Nails

Can’t go wrong with a classic solid set. This matcha latte color is more refreshing and bright and will definitely have you using it more than once. 

Marble Matcha Latte Nails

Nails in the form of a marble design? Sign me up! This set has crystal vibes, which only gives the matcha latte color a better look! Totally different from the other designs on this list, this one will truly have you obsessed! 

Camouflage Matcha Latte Nails

Replying to @blackmagicwomann_ matcha latte inspired nails 💘 nontoxic gel on my natural nails and nail set by @rachelsuenails !! #matcha #matchalatte #matchatiktok #matchatok #greennails #nailart #gelnails

♬ Mrs. Right – Mindless Behavior

You can’t go wrong with a nice camouflage design set of nails. With this design and color, you can match your nails to any green ‘fit you choose! 

Abstract Matcha Latte Nails

Dreaming of an iced matcha latte w this mani🍵 #nailart #nailinspo #greennails #dreamnails

♬ original sound – <3

Another combination where matcha latte and white helps the colors balance out so well. The swirl design gives it the extra kick of creativity without going overboard. 

Matte Matcha Latte Nails

My first starbucks matcha latte was bad so i have been hesitant to try it again but im glad i did 😌🍵 #diynailsathome #diynails #amazonnailfinds #nailtutorial #beginnerfriendlynails #easynails #matchalatte

♬ Matcha – Trees and Lucy

There’s nothing better than a nice set of nails with a smooth finish, and with matte matcha nails, you’ll get all you bargained for. If you’re feeling more creative in the salon and want to experiment with different shades of green to create the perfect matcha color, the matte style will definitely help bring it out. 

Raised Matcha Latte Nails

One of my fave greens from @kiaraskynails matcha latte use discount code Ivonne10 at checkout ✨

♬ original sound – Mireya ✨

If you love to think outside the box with your nail designs, then this glitter, raised matcha latte look is the one for you. Completely different from the other sets on this list, this design is a chance for you to try something new! 

Marble Ombre Matcha Latte Nails

Marble and ombre are superior separate nail designs, but together they are the ultimate dynamic duo! This set undoubtedly gives you the best of both worlds if you can’t choose just one.

Matcha latte coffee swirl nails

Matcha nail seem to be a vibe at the moment. Here is my take on a match latte 💚 Products used: @HONA Honeydew Get Tacky Venom & White Sands Gel Polish @Aleana Hand® Winter Magnetic Thumb #glamourphile #HONA #honasquad #Xtensions #purehona #aleanahand #nails #nailart #nailartist #matcha #matchalatte #matchanails #matchanailart #greennails #bloominggel

♬ Million Dollar Bill – Beyond Chicago & Majestic & Alex Mills

Coffee swirl nails, but make them green! This set gives a brand new meaning to coffee swirl nails, and definitely gives you a sense of matching your matcha latte drink with your fingers.

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