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This Mascara Arrived Just in Time for Daylight Savings

Found yourself running late to your AM lecture today? You’re not the only one—you can blame daylight savings for the early wake-up call. With such little time to get ready in the mornings, you need all the help you can get. That means using products that do some real work for you, making it look like you spent 30+ minutes on your look when really, you hardly had time to put clothes on before rushing out the door.

That’s why we just can’t stop raving about Benefit Cosmetics’ newest mascara: Roller Lash, the product that takes you from being half-asleep to looking fab in literally seconds. With a patent-pending “Hook ‘n Roll” brush design (inspired by the rollers that curl your hair to perfection!) that lifts and curls lashes as you apply, you don’t even need to bother with those pesky lash curlers anymore. Yes, we know. It’s a total gamechanger.

Thanks to a long-lasting formula made with good-for-you ingredients, not only do you have intense curl that lasts from your very first coffee fix to your trek back to the dorms after your last study session, the mascara also works to condition your lashes while you have it on. That’s just the cherry on top. Any product that gives us all-day glam while allowing us a few extra minutes each day to catch up on our ZZZ’s—especially now that we’ve lost a whole precious hour!—is an immediate must-have in our book. Now, all we’re wondering is if anybody is going to notice our third-day hair…

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