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Making My Childhood Dreams Come True, This Disney x TOMS Collection Features Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & More

A dream is a wish your heart makes… and guess what, real-life Disney princesses? If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect fashion statement that will truly show people you’re Disney royalty/obsession, your wish has come true! Iconic shoe brand TOMS has collaborated with Disney to create a 30-piece shoe and eyewear collection that’s perfect for those of us stuck in the cold, harsh reality of 2018 – because we could def use a little escape to the happiest place on earth.

Each print is unique because it features the original princesses, their animal sidekicks and other major characters in their storybook tales (hey there, Fairy Godmother!). To make it even more iconic, these prints were created by women, for women. That’s right, ladies. We’re girls supporting girls – or should I say, princesses?

According to HelloGiggles, The artwork used for the prints was part of the official Disney archives, created by a true, 100 percent female-based team in Disney’s ink and paint department. Each print was created throughout the 1930s until the 1950s, so while it’s vintage, the empowerment carried throughout the art remains alive and well today. This means that any girl who slips on these shoes is about to feel the lady power from decades ago (but I guess that’s what the Disney magic is there for).

While the collection is expected to be released this summer, TOMS and Disney are releasing each print style of shoe separately. Maybe this is to keep the hype of the collection ongoing, or maybe it’s because princesses deserve their own grand entrances. Either way, expect Cinderella designs to be out first on June 21, followed by Sleeping Beauty on July 19 and Snow White on August 23. It’ll be a long, anticipated wait for this collection to be fully available, but it’ll be well worth it.

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