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MAC’s Newest Collaboration is Totally Unexpected

Do you remember those short, stubby troll creatures with crazy, vibrant, colorful hair we all used to love playing with as a kid in the ’90s? Well, MAC is bringing your childhood back with a new collaboration, as they teamed up with DreamWorks’ infamous Troll dolls on a new beauty campaign.

We can expect to see an array of playful lipsticks and glosses, shadows, glitters, powders and more—all spectacularly vibrant in color, of course. Prices are said to vary from $17 to $43. That’s not the only thing eccentric about the line, though. All of the products are paired with wacky, but appropriately suiting names: Dance Off Pants Off, Sushi Kiss, Glitter Grunge, and Bubble Butt Magenta, according to StyleCaster.

The MAC Good Luck Trolls collection is said to pay homage to the dolls that have been bringing happiness and joy to people throughout the years. The line will be sold online on July 28, and will be available to purchase in stores on Aug. 4.

Ally Meyerowitz is a junior at San Diego State University. She is currently trying to pursue a degree in Journalism with an Italian language minor. She is a Jersey girl born and raised, and she will always be a Jersey girl at heart. When she's not scrolling endlessly through her Instagram and Facebook feeds, you can usually find her watching movies, hanging out with friends or eating chocolate. After college, she hopes to become an entertainment editor at a major publication in New York City.