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MAC Just Changed the Lip Kit Game Forever

Anyone who loves lipstick knows that MAC’s lip liners—which, incidentally, match their best-selling lippies—are fire. Their nude lipsticks especially have a cult following. The only thing Kylie has had on MAC so far is that she makes our lives easier by packaging lip colors with their matching liners. But MAC caught onto the trend, and is answering all your prayers with its own “lip kit.”

You read that right: MAC is now offering premade sets of cult-favorite nude lipsticks and liners. Which means the world is complete and I can die a happy woman. 

This is especially exciting for people like me, who love lipstick but are clueless when it comes to finding a matching lip liner. These new lip kits will take care of all that for you!

The kits come in six different totally fab color combos, and are now available on the Macy’s website. I’m personally most excited about the Twig + Half-Red and Velvet Teddy + Boldly Bare sets, but let’s be real—they are all perfect. Check out the full product line here.

And the best part? The kit only costs $29, which is cheaper than buying the two products separately. I don’t want to be a bad influence, but you should probably just buy them all. You know you want to.

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