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I Tried Lush’s Package-Free Skincare & It Changed the Way I Think About Beauty Waste

When Lush Cosmetics first introduced their new package-free, skincare line, I was so intrigued. How can skincare products be completely free from bottles or casing? Lush already has other package-free products like shampoo bars and soap, but creating creams and cleanser sans casing meant these formulas were going to be really unique.

When you think about how most beauty products are packaged and just tossed when they’re done, you realize just how much waste there is in the beauty industry. And let me tell you, there’s a lot. I personally love the idea of cutting down on waste, so I tried some of Lush’s new products and I’m here to share all the things I learned about sustainable skincare in the process.

The products I used

A few standouts from Lush’s new line include their Banana Skin Face oil, their Sleeping Face Cleansing balm, and the 7 to 3 cleansing pads – all of which I picked because I love moisturizing and soothing products in my skincare routine. 

The Banana Skin Face oil is like a face oil in the form of a soap bar, and it’s really easy to use. You just rub it in your hands or on your face and the oil will begin to melt.

The Sleeping Face cleansing balm is a great first-step cleanse for removing makeup. Like the oil, it’s a balm cleanser in a bar form that you wet and rub on your face. I was so impressed with how quickly and easily it removed my eye makeup without stinging my eyes. It left an oily sort of residue on my face, because it’s meant to be super hydrating, but I typically double cleanse so that I can use my own moisturizing products after instead. 

The 7 to 3 cleansing pads are essentially a reusable makeup wipe. I loved these, everything from the shape to the scent, and they’re definitely a product I can get behind. When used with water, they removed all my makeup and made my skin feel clean in the best way possible. Everyone uses makeup remover in one form or another, so something reusable is a great way to cut back on waste while saving money!

You might be wondering about if a product has no packaging, where and how do you store it while still keeping it clean? It definitely took a minute for me to figure out how to keep the cleansing oil fresh, and I felt nervous about it getting unsanitary from not washing it after I used it. But, if you’re on the package-free beauty train, I would recommend Tupperware or a mason jar to keep everything sanitary. Lush also has resusable containers for their products if you shop in store, and they’re small and won’t take up too much space in your medicine cabinet. 

Talking sustainability 

I love that brands are being more conscious of the waste they create, and while I think it might take some time before my favorite everyday serums or moisturizers are engineered to be package-free, Lush is defintiely setting a new standard! I don’t have all the answers, but my hope is that brands look at more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to package their products, whether that be through using easily recyclable materials like glass or aluminum, or reusable packaging and compacts that you bring to the store to refill.

Stores like Credo Beauty offer many types of waste-free products. but it’s very expensive makeup and skincare. Overall, the beauty industry is making moves but there is still a long way to go. Can we hope for sustainable packaging from the drugstore? Maybe! Curiously waiting for that day to come!

Reece will be graduating from Assumption College in Spring 2019 with a degree in English, Mass Writing and Communications and a minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys long walks through Sephora, eating good food and spending time with her dogs!