L.L. Bean Scrapped Its Lifetime Return Policy & I'm Honestly In Mourning

L.L. Bean has just announced a humongous change to its return policy, shocking boot lovers everywhere. The esteemed outerwear brand was notorious for their accommodating lifetime return policy on their products, allowing customers to bring back defective products no matter how much time has passed from the original purchase date. Since its inception literally 106 years ago (!), L.L. Bean has maintained this lifetime return policy, earning long-standing loyalty from its customers.

However, L.L. Bean recently came to the decision that keeping the policy in place was doing a significant amount of harm to consumer credibility, feeling that customers were beginning to take advantage of the brand's generous return policy. The company posted a letter to their Facebook page last week, detailing their reason for changing the policy:

As L.L. Bean's statement puts it, "Increasingly, a small, but growing number has been interpreting our guarantee well beyond its original intent. Some view it as a lifetime product replacement program... Based on these experiences, we have updated our policy." L.L. Bean will now only take products back within one year from its original purchase date, as listed on the L.L. Bean website. After one year has passed, items will be considered for return based on defective materials or craftsmanship. 

L.L. Bean lovers had mixed feelings about the company's decision, with some understanding the company's concerns while others practically ditched the brand in outrage. One Twitter user wrote, "I applaud LL Bean for taking action on this issue. Anyone who is upset by their new policy would implement the same thing if it was their company. People are taking advantage of it. Why should someone be allowed to return a well worn 10 year old jacket they scooped at Goodwill?"

Another user wasn't quite as happy, saying, "Ll Bean updated their return policy today and it ruined 2018 no more new moccasins."