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11 Latinx-Owned Fashion & Beauty Brands To Check Out On Your Next Shopping Spree

It’s no secret that the fashion and beauty spaces have been plagued with a lack of representation and diversity since they were founded. In two industries that are successful due to the work of minority artists, business owners, and employees, a lackluster variety of representation in fashion and beauty is, to put it frankly, intolerable. 

At the forefront of the flourishing fashion and beauty economies is the Latinx community. With the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month celebrations beginning, it’s important to recognize the integral impact that Latinx people have had on the fashion and beauty industry as a whole, and start working to fix the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. Staple wardrobe pieces like cowboy boots and ponchos, to beauty fads that utilize Amazonian clay masks and a signature red lip, at their core are all embedded in Latinx culture.

These 11 Latinx-owned fashion and beauty brands are revolutionizing these industries, changing the way that people consume fashion and beauty. Each respective brand encompasses a rich element of Latinx culture that sets them apart from their conventional fashion and beauty counterparts. If you’re looking for your next favorite wardrobe staples or holy grail products, here are 11 great places to start.

Alamar Cosmetics

Encanto Sun Soaked Highlighter, Vive Cosmetics, $21

Built behind the beautiful story of an esthetician’s daughter’s dream to make it in the beauty industry, Alamar Cosmetics is a renowned beauty brand based out of Miami, Florida. The name “Alamar” comes from founder and CEO Gabriela Trujillo’s hometown where she was born before immigrating to Hialeah, a small town in the United States. Trujillo grew up immersed in the world of makeup as her mother was an esthetician, and she began experimenting with beauty products throughout her time in high school.

Working her way up in the industry, Trujillo created Alamar as a love letter to her roots in her birth city. The brand exemplifies the hard work and dedication that encompasses the dreamers of the world. With an array of eyeshadow palettes, blush bundles, and brush collections to their name, you may recognize Alamar for their stunning hand in Disney’s Encanto Colección. I’m a sucker for rose colored highlights, so their Sun Soaked Highlighter is one of my personal favorites from the collection!

Hija de tu Madre

Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana Sweatshorts, Hija de tu Madre, $59

The intersection of Latinx and American influences was Patty Delgado’s inspiration for the fashion brand Hija de tu Madre. Delgado created the brand to platform their rich Latinx culture, while showcasing a blend of differing backgrounds as well. Hija de tu Madre showcases Delgado’s “cultural crossroads,” offering a safe place for those who also identify as coming from more than one heritage.

Hija de tu Madre may be a fashion brand, but they carry an abundance of other conventional products in their collections. With their diverse range of jewelry, hand bags, and office products, this brand carries something for everyone. They also offer an assortment of tees, sweatshirts, shirts, and more. Hija de tu Madre keeps their customers looking comfortably chic while showing off Latinx pride.

Loquita Bath and Body

Boosicle Bath Bomb, Loquita Bath and Body, $9

Everyone deserves to be pampered, and Loquita Bath and Body takes traditional self-care to an all new level. This cruelty-free bath and body line takes carries everything from innovatively shaped bath bombs to beard oils to mugs — talk about a diverse line of products. 

The brand has had a few videos of their own viral videos on TikTok, where they create content geared towards a Latinx audience. Viewers have fallen in love with their mugs that carry various designs. I’ll be honest, I’m completely obsessed with Loquita Bath and Body’s adorable bath bombs. I mean, come on, their Boosicle Bath Bomb is so cute and perfect for spooky season!

Annaiss Yucra

Candyland Crochet Bag, Annaiss Yucra, $80

Peruivian fashion designer Annaiss Yucra is renowned for her fashion brands bold color stories, creative fabrics, and unique silhouettes. As an internationally acclaimed designer, Yucra’s mission with her fashions is to embody the spirit of her home, Peru. Each piece created at Annaiss Yucra is made sustainably, starting all the way from the growth of the materials, up to the formation and consumption process.

The brand carries a modern Y2K-inspired feel, blended with elements of Yucra’s Peruivian culture. Annaiss Yucra as a brand has its own distinctive, colorful essence, with each piece looking different from the rest. Their signature use of crochet techniques and an overall light, ethereal vibe to each collection make Annaiss Yucra stand apart from other high fashion brands.

Bomba Curls

Dominican Forbidden Hair Oil, Bomba Curls, $22

This beauty brand utilizes Dominican beauty tactics for curly hair. Created by Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls has an intricate story rooted in her own Afro-Dominicana heritage. Cordero found herself dealing with severe traction alopecia, and began self-treating her hair with an intricate, native Dominican formula that she was sure would optimize the well-being of her hair.  

Cordero knew that her very own self-proclaimed “hair potions” could help out anyone with curls and coils. Each Bomba Curls formula cultivates scalp health while encouraging natural health growth for curls. Cordero’s motto Be Bold, Be Free, Be Bomba embodies the mission of Bomba Curls, encouraging a vast audience to embrace their natural hair.


Organic Pima Classic Pant, Cuyana, $58

This women-owned fashion brand reimagines conventional wardrobe elements with a mission to create evergreen collections. Cuyana, too, spotlights their heritage at the center of their fashions. With a dedication to create strong relationships between their global partners, in-house team, and customers, Cuyana places great value on ensuring each stage of the design process is sustainable. 

Each of Cuyana’s collections are full of clothing and handbags, created with three distinct principles in mind: design, quality, and sustainability. Subsequently, each of their fashions fall into the two categories staple and limited edition pieces. Minimal design efforts and a focus on craftsmanship allows for an aura of opulence to shine off each piece available at Cuyana.

Vive Cosmetics

Qué Matte Liquid Lipstick, Vive Cosmetics, $20

Vive Cosmetics specializes in all things lip. Founders Leslie and Joanna created Vive in 2016 after noticing the lack of representation in the industry. Frustrated with an oversaturated market that monopolized off of Latinx culture without paying homage and respect to the community, Vive was born to celebrate all underrepresented groups of people. 

Their name “Vive” means to live, the mission the brand follows at large. Created to empower and help others celebrate their own lives, Vive does just that and more. Their assortment of lipsticks, glosses, and various lip care products are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free products, which come in a variety of neutral and striking colors. One of their namesakes has to be their viral beso-and-taco-proof lipsticks. Each formula is non-transferable, ensuring that your lippie isn’t going to move, no matter what you may be chowing down or sipping on! 


Animal Collage Midi Dress, FARM Rio, $195

This clothing and lifestyle brand has been committed to the celebration of Latinx culture, sustainability, and the pursuit of happiness for over 20 years. FARM Rio is a Brazilian brand that admires the feminine aura and lively colorways that come from Rio de Janeiro. Beginning as a clothing line at a local fashion market in Rio, FARM Rio has grown into an iconic green enterprise.

With every purchase from FARM Rio, the brand donates the amount of money it takes to plant one tree to the One Tree Planted organization, an aid that gives back to the Amazon rainforest. Driven to make a difference in the environment and community surrounding them, FARM Rio carries an uplifting, vintage spirit that has enticed an international audience. The remarkable and vibrant aesthetic makes it hard not to love every intricate design that comes out of FARM Rio.

Rare beauty

Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush, Rare Beauty, $21

Among various emerging celebrity makeup brands, Selena Gomez’s very own Rare Beauty stands on its own. With a commitment to commemorate individuality in all different forms, Rare Beauty aims to throw away preconceived beauty notions and standards.

Aside from the liquid blushes that have swarmed my TikTok feed, Rare Beauty is notorious for their affordable price points. Selena’s devotion to creating a community in the beauty industry that a diverse range of people can consume and truly enjoy has been mesmerizing to watch.

Hera Studio

Rothko Ombre Shirt, Hera Studio, $153

Isabel Perez is the founder and creative director of Hera Studio, a brand empowered to infiltrate the way the fashion industry exists in the modern day. Perez’s collections detail statement pieces that make use of varying materials and vintage textiles that contribute to Hera’s authenticity. 

Each collection is built consciously with natural fibers and vintage textiles that add to their vintage aesthetic. To add to the brand’s individuality, they specialize in carrying a number of naturally dyed garments, adding to the personalization of each Hera product. Their statement pieces are made to last a lifetime to ensure their customers lessen spending, because with one of these garments, you won’t be looking for much more than what Hera has to offer.


THE ORIGINAL BEAUTYBLENDER® Makeup Sponge, Beautyblender, $20

It’s no secret that the Beautyblender enterprise has changed the makeup space forever. When beauty YouTubers and influencers alike began ditching their brushes for Beautyblender’s eye-catching egg-shaped sponge, so did the rest of the world. Founder Rea Ann Silva shifted the beauty game, creating an effortless-to-use product that optimizes makeup application. 

It seems that everyone has their own Beautyblender, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Aside from the OG makeup sponges, the brand sports everything from their own makeup brushes, to protective Beautyblender cases. I’m due for an upgraded Beautyblender as is, so it looks like it’s time to snatch up another Beautyblender, a quintessential product a part of my makeup collection. 

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