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Kylie Jenner Made $420 Million in 18 Months from Cosmetics Sales, But I Couldn’t Even Get Dressed Today

According to US Weekly, Kylie Jenner has already made $420 million in sales from her cosmetic brand over the past 18 months, which just reminds me how broke I am. Apparently, if she keeps at it, she’ll have a billion-dollar company in five years!

Just for reference, it took Lancome Cosmetics ~nearly 80 years~ to reach a billion in sales, so, like, this is a huge deal. While Kylie should seriously be proud of her own business ventures, nobody is as proud as her momager, Kris. She told CNBC, “Right now she’s super smart about keeping it all in the business. She owns it 100 percent herself, and she doesn’t have any investors. It makes for a wonderful opportunity to expand.” 

Clearly, Kylie has a knack for turning a dime into a hundred dollar bill (not saying that KUWTK is only worth a dime because clearly, it’s worth way more.) “She’s doing this because it’s really her passion. It’s so authentic to who she is because she’s wanted to do this since she was a little girl,” Kris told CNBC.

While some of us might be eager to buy all of the Kylie Cosmetics products because they’re incredibly pigmented and long-lasting, you can’t deny the fact that the Kardashian-Jenner brand sells. Nevertheless, it’s hard to get mad at the girl for using her name to sell her products since she’s fulfilling her childhood dream and stuff. Keep going strong, Kylie. 

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