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\'My Life With The Walter Boys\'
\'My Life With The Walter Boys\'

Jackie’s Most Iconic Outfits From ‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ & How To Get The Look

Listen, I can’t be the only one who watches TV for the plot… and by plot, I mean the characters’ outfits. Netflix’s brand new coming-of-age series My Life With The Walter Boys is no exception — especially since the protagonist, Jackie, is constantly giving me style inspo. The second she was introduced as the daughter of a prominent fashion designer in NYC, I knew I was in for a treat. 

My Life With The Walter Boys follows Jackie’s sudden cross-country move after the death of her parents and sister in a tragic car accident. She relocated from busy Manhattan to the countryside in Silver Falls, Colorado to live with the Walter family, which includes 10 boys. At first, Jackie seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in her new home as she grew accustomed to bro-code and a new high school. Plus, her signature preppy style didn’t quite fit the small-town scene. 

While Jackie’s outfits grew more relaxed throughout the series, she never had a dull fashion moment. Here are some of my favorite looks of hers in My Life With The Walter Boys


Jackie isn’t afraid to hide her expensive taste, even correcting the condescending Erin on what designer brand she’s wearing. So here’s your friendly reminder that her iconic cable knit sweater is from Ralph Lauren, not J. Crew! Complete the look with a crisp white collar and khaki pants. 


In Episode 2, Jackie planned on wearing a Kate Spade bee dress and light blue cardigan – and she did, but with a little bit of modification. On the morning of Jackie’s second day of school in Silver Falls, Cole and Isaac teamed up for a practical joke where they mixed hair bleach into her shampoo. Being the quick thinker that she is, Jackie saved the outfit with a baseball cap! 

Nikki Rodriguez, who plays Jackie, shared that the bee dress was her favorite look in My Life With The Walter Boys. “[It was] so opposite of something I would wear in my normal life. I usually like solid colors or neutrals, so it was very fun to just dress up as Jackie every day,” she said in an exclusive interview with Her Campus. 


Now she’s wearing J. Crew! Since Jackie is a New York native, it’s no surprise that looking cute in cold weather is in her DNA. In Episode 6, she pairs a pink parka jacket with a white beanie. I wish I could look this stylish and comfy at the same time so effortlessly — how does she do it? 


Another Kate Spade piece, Jackie’s top in Episode 8 strikes the perfect balance between NYC socialite and small-town chic. The bright green accent also compliments her military green quilted coat, which I’m obsessed with. 

After binge-watching season 1 of My Life With The Walter Boys, I can confidently say that Jackie’s outfits were the real star of the show. Whenever I’m aiming to look sophisticated and trendy, she’s now my go-to for inspiration.

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