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I’m Studying Abroad In Italy This Year — Here Are The Trends I Can’t Wait To Wear

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As a college student preparing to study abroad in Florence, Italy this fall, I’m already shopping for my abroad wardrobe to explore new styles and trends to wear during my stay. 

My goal is to create a wardrobe that seamlessly blends with my current clothes and can mix and match with different pieces to create not just one, but many outfits. Comfort is also a crucial factor when purchasing clothes for my time abroad. Nobody wants to enjoy a fresh slice of authentic pizza in an uncomfortable dress or walk the streets of Florence in shoes that leave blisters, so I set out to find clothes for abroad that are not only stylish but also functional. Here are five trends I’m excited to embrace while I’m abroad this fall!

1. Linen

Lightweight, breathable, and versatile, linen is a must-have for my abroad wardrobe. Whether it’s a simple linen top or bottoms, these pieces effortlessly come together to create the most chic outfits and are perfect for layering.

I love these cream-colored linen pants from Vince Camuto. They would look fabulous thrown over a bikini after a day spent on the Amalfi coast or paired with a cable knit sweater when the weather cools down. This simple, cream-colored linen blouse is also a must-have. I can envision wearing it with jeans or trousers for a casual look or dressing it up with a long skirt for a nice dinner out! 

2. Elevated Elegance: Satin and Structure

I’m excited to incorporate pieces that exude elevated elegance into my wardrobe. These pieces typically feature silk, satin, and structured designs, offering a timeless and sophisticated look with a modern twist. 

One thing you might notice when abroad is that nobody wears athletic clothes, leggings, or sneakers. Instead, they dress up like each day is an occasion to be celebrated. I love this concept and plan on leaving my leggings and athletic shorts in the United States! 

To elevate my everyday outfits for a special occasion, structured or satin pieces are a great place to start. One piece that caught my eye is this elongated tailored vest that would be perfect as a layering piece with linen pants and a simple top. This satin midi skirt is also super versatile and would create an elegant and timeless look with many different tops in my closet.  

3. Bold Florals

While neutral pieces are the foundation of any wardrobe (especially abroad), bold florals also have their place and add a beautiful pop of color! One dress I love is this long pink and orange lace dress that has short puff sleeves and pink roses throughout. This would be perfect for a wine tasting in a vineyard in Tuscany or another special occasion. Another floral dress I have my eye on is this short blue floral mini dress with puff sleeves and tiny yellow flower buds. I envision wearing this dress on a picnic watching the sunset in Florence or for a casual lunch! 

4. Raffia and Straw Bags and Totes

Another essential for any wardrobe is a versatile staple bag (or two!) that can be paired with any outfit. Woven tote bags and raffia material bags are the perfect accessories to elevate any Italian-girl look. This cream-colored woven tote would be perfect to stash a beach read, sunscreen, and a coverup for a relaxing beach day in Positano. Its roomy interior could also easily fit a dinner outfit for a quick change post-beach. 

For short trips and outings, a crossbody bag is just the right size! I love this black-striped woven bag — it would be perfect for a day spent exploring art museums in Florence or cruising on a boat in Lake Como. 

5. Neutral Block Heels and Sandals

Lastly, it’s important to pack comfortable shoes that can be worn with everything! When shopping for shoes, I suggest steering clear of stilettos and instead opting for block heels that prioritize comfort. One pair that caught my eye are these gold platform wedges with a stylish espadrille sole. I would pair these with jeans or trousers for a casual, al fresco happy hour after class. 

Navigating some of the cobblestone streets in Italy would truly be a nightmare in tall, pointed heels, so wedges and low-heeled sandals are a perfect choice. Another adorable low-heeled option is this pair of square-toe twisted strap sandals, which would be perfect for exploring all of the stunning architecture Florence offers. These would look gorgeous with a midi skirt and an airy blouse for comfort and style!

Whether you’re curating a gorg wardrobe for your semester abroad or simply want to incorporate some Italian-girl style into your everyday fits, Vince Camuto has everything you need. Head to vincecamuto.com to start shopping!

Alice Bragg

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