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This Insane Video Proves You Can Actually Apply Makeup With an Egg

Being a beauty blogger, I have seen my fair share of crazy beauty trends (i.e. using a condom to apply makeup). But each time I proclaim that I have found the weirdest trend, someone decides to take things a step further. This time, it was Nadi, the beauty guru behind ThePopLuxe.com, who took weird to the next level.

On his YouTube channel, Nadi does a segment where people suggest totally random objects for him to apply makeup with (like a dildo… no really, he did that one next. See for yourself!). This time, the object was (drumroll please)… a hard-boiled egg. Like, a literal baby chicken egg.

My initial thoughts as I started watching: a) I pay way too much for my pasture-raised eggs to waste on my face, and b) how TF is this even going to work?!?

Well, after watching this video 100 times (mostly because Nadi is so hilarious, but also because I was trying to remember which products he was using), I can assure you that yes, you really can apply your makeup with an egg. It blended everything from foundation to freaking eye shadow! And if you’re trying to be frugal, hell you can even eat the egg after you’re done to avoid any waste. Win-win. (Maybe, like, rinse it first tho.)

The only downside to this whole thing: it seems that you tend to get crumbles of egg shell all over your face, and then your face smells like egg. So unless you are truly in desperate need of a beauty blender and an egg is literally your only option, maybe you should stick to your usual beauty sponge.

Sarah is a senior at Indiana University majoring in Marketing and International Business and minoring in French. You can usually find her drinking coffee, writing posts for her role as a Beauty Blogger for Her Campus, or eating croissants and daydreaming about France. To learn about Sarah and see some more of her favorite things, follow her on Instagram (@sarahcmcdaniel) or check out her travel blog: www.thewanderingceliacblog.com !