Somebody Decided to Make the Blue IKEA Bag Into a Thong Because Reasons

To be completely honest, IKEA for me has always just been the place to get delicious cinnamon buns (I'm only half-kidding). Apparently, though people love their Frakta bags more than I love Kanelbullar. This, for the uninitiated, is the famous IKEA Frakta bag:

Shoppers have developed a cult-like reverence for this ultra-versatile blue bag, even taking it on their vacations as a beach tote. As with everything on the Internet though, when a lot of people really love something, a few take it upon themselves to take it a thousand notches too far. Even the innocent Frakta bag isn't immune. Enter, the Frakta thong. Yes, you read that right. THONG.


BALENCIAGA x IKEA limited hoax thong

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Thank you, Signe Ralkov, for giving us exactly what we didn't ask for. In all seriousness though, she crafted this little number as a response to Balenciaga's insanely expensive copy-cat bag, which retails for $2,145. So no, this is not something meant to be worn, thank goodness. And hey, if you're still looking for inspiration on what to do with your Frakta bag, check out these creations you can actually wear without regretting your life choices:

What a time to be alive.