I Tried to Live Like a Fashion Blogger & TBH, It Was a Blast

If you’re anything like me, a good portion of your day is taken up by scrolling through all of the influencers on your Instagram explore page and reading endless fashion round-ups from your fave publications (see: Her Campus). I don’t know what it is about following fashion influencers, but it’s just so interesting to see what new looks they’re sporting and what new brands they find to share with their followers.

So, if I dedicate a ton of my time to following style bloggers and famous fashion influencers, why have I never thought about taking on that role myself? With the Her Campus College Fashion Week in Boston coming around the corner, I thought, “why not give this a shot?” And with that, my journey towards fashion influencer status began.

Figuring out “my brand”

Okay, so I felt like I needed to figure out what my #brand was before moving forward as a fashion blogger. Am I a minimalist chic influencer, or more of an ~edgier~ style blogger? TBH, I couldn’t really tell you. I feel like my fashion taste really depends on my mood and whatever I gravitate towards in online or thrift stores.

To figure out what my brand really was, I decided to just pick out my favorite outfit and go from there. I started to plan out my College Fashion Week outfit for the Boston show and ended up crafting a look that was comfy, cozy, with a little bit of a retro vibe. I felt super comfortable and ~myself~ in my outfit (which is always important), definitely giving me a boost of confidence.

As far as fashion icons go, there was plenty of influence from College Fashion Week attendees who gave me a ton of street style inspo.

The statement pants game was incredible. From flare culottes to skinny plaid pants, bold pants are totally on-trend.

This pea coat dress is taking the professional street style trend to a whole other level.

These Primark models really came to stunt. These fall hues are EVERYTHING.

Building a better online presence

I had to face the tough reality that scrolling through your feed and only posting once a month just doesn’t cut it as a fashion blogger. Not even close. I realized I really needed to push out of my comfort zone and get into the influencer zone.

So, when I had the opportunity to take over the @HerCampusStyle Instagram story before College Fashion Week to show off my outfit, I was so excited to take it to the next level as an aspiring style influencer. Honestly, it was a little nerve-racking to be creating live content for thousands of people — you know, all of them focusing on just me and my style picks. But once I got through my introduction slide and got the hang of it, it was SO much fun.

People are so excited to interact with an Instagram takeover, just like I am when I watch one. It was such an awesome experience being able to create my own content with a large audience. I would totally recommend trying an Instagram takeover, or just getting more creative and interactive with your own Instagram stories!


Attending a fashion show

Attending a fashion show is the perfect event for a fashion blogger — super Insta-worthy backdrops, a chance to see the latest trends on the runway for yourself, and an excuse to dress as trendy as humanly possible. At College Fashion Week, the amount of photo-ops were seriously endless. With all of the amazing sponsors at the fashion event, I will honestly have enough influencer Instagram content to last me for months.

The eos balm pit was one of my favorites at College Fashion Week — not only was it a super cute Instagram moment, but it was also admittedly a ton of fun to play in.

The neon lights at the Ulta Beauty station were honestly every millennials dream. Definitely had to snap a photo under that one for my #influencer catalog.

The Almay Cosmic Café was the absolute cutest space, complete with tons of lipstick & eyeshadow to sample. I mean it when I say I have swatching boomerangs for DAYS after this event.

SABRE’s photo booth at the front of the event had the CUTEST frames ever, making it a must-stop Insta opportunity.

The Primark station was filled with their newest fall lookbook, including on-trend fur coats, plaid prints, turtleneck sweaters and more. Everyone at the event was in fashion HEAVEN trying on all these looks and snapping some selfies for the ‘gram.

Overall, I’d like to think my journey to become a style blogger and influencer was partially a success. I cultivated my own fashion brand, stepped up my social media game, and was able to attend Her Campus’s College Fashion Week to experience this season’s trends on the runway (and get the cutest Instagram content ever). Despite feeling a little intimidated at the start, I realized that TBH, all you need to do is have fun with it and be confident. Your friends and followers will see that you’re having a blast and that you’re enjoying creating the content. I say give it a try, why not? #doitforthegram

Major shout out to our #CollegeFashionWeek clients @almay@eosproducts@primark.usa@ultabeauty@sabresafety, and @velcrobrand!