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I Rented $885 Worth of Clothing From Nuuly For Just $88—Here’s How

I’m always looking for ways to live more sustainably. I recently got some adorable reusable grocery bags, some chic travel coffee cups, and even have been trying out a new shampoo bar. I’ve always heard about renting clothes as a way to help cut down on pollution and reducing production waste but I always assumed it was too expensive or just for fancy events, but boy was I wrong. I recently tested out Nuuly, the clothing rental service for real people, and was able to rent $885 worth of clothes for just $88. 




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How It Works


It’s actually pretty simple because it’s a one size fits all membership. When you subscribe, you’re able to rent any six styles, every month, for $88. You’ll also get fast, free shipping + returns. The best part? You can pause or cancel anytime with no fees. Two more amazing things about Nuuly that got me super excited: first, you don’t have to wash anything before you send it back. They dry clean their products once you send it back. And second, if you receive an item that you love and want to purchase, you can buy them from Nuuly at a discount. Love it. 

Clothing Section

The category breakdown selection of the site was the easiest way I found to look for styles I wanted to try. They’ve got tops, skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, jumpsuits, and so much more. The brands were a great mix of prices too. I ended up ordering a few pieces from Free People and Urban Outfitters that I normally would have purchased (or at least looked at online) but I was also able to rent Cynthia Rowley pants that retail for $32 which I would have not been able to afford otherwise. 

Would I Do This Again?

Absolutely. The fact that I was able to shop sustainably, try out some new brands, and not make a dent in my bank account is a huge win for me.

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