I Dressed Like Chanel from 'Scream Queens' For a Week

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The first season of Ryan Murphy’s hit show Scream Queens may have captivated us with its quirky mix of horror and humor, but the thing that kept me watching week after week was the FASHION. Chanel Oberlin (played by the Queen herself, Emma Roberts) and her squad tormented their pledges and were certainly prime suspects in some of those murders, but they definitely did it all in style. While I admired the patented “Chanel” look with its array of furs, pastels, and tons of sparkle, I've never been brave or creative enough to replicate it in my daily life. So after the season finale and my inevitable withdrawals, I challenged myself to look like a Chanel for a week. Since I’m a mere college student and can’t afford real Chanel, I made do with what was in my (...and my mom’s) closet. Here’s what I wore!

I was a little nervous on the first day of my challenge since I was really shaking up my style. On this particular night, I headed out to a holiday event with my family and rocked this Forever 21 lace dress with my baby pink coat and some white lace heels. I’m channeling some serious Chanel #2 à la Ariana Grande here. I honestly really loved this outfit, although it was a bit more scandalous and formal than what I was used to wearing for a family affair.

Day Two featured one of my favorite outfits: a white lace pencil skirt with a fuzzy white sweater and some majorly blinged out accessories. I don’t wear white very often, and as I was sipping my usual latte I remembered why. Coffee + all white outfit = potential disaster! Luckily I avoided a fashion mishap and went about my day running errands. As I walked through Target doing some last-minute holiday shopping, I definitely felt out of place. Here I was in this gorgeous outfit and heels… pushing around a cart and buying superhero PJs for my sister-in-law. Although I felt a little silly at first, I loved the confidence boost I got from knowing how chic I looked!

Please excuse my RBF! I swear I loved this outfit, but my face doesn’t want to show it. I kind of felt like a mix of Blair Waldorf (it’s the headband, right?) and Chanel #1 in this number. The feminine pastels and floral patterns were so perfect together, even in the dead of winter. I just wore this out to lunch with my dad, but I think it deserves a bigger audience! At this point in the week, I felt a bit more creative every morning and started putting together outfits I both really liked and channeled Chanel. I wasn’t as self-conscious when people stared at me in public—maybe they were just admiring my amazing look!

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