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43 Hydrating Lip Oils To Help You Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

Chapped lips are the bane of my existence, but sometimes, regular chapstick just doesn’t give that pop of color you’re looking for (don’t tell my Vaseline stick I said that). On the other hand, sometimes, lip glosses don’t moisturize your lips in the way you need them to. What’s the solution to this minor crisis? Hydrating lip oils, bby. Lip oils combine nourished lips with glossy shine. Unlike regular lip balm and lip gloss, lip oils protect and nourish your lips while making them look gorgeous at the same time. 

Lip oils are usually infused with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, argan oil, honey, and more to keep your lips feeling and looking healthy. Most importantly (to me, at least), lip oils aren’t sticky! Sticky lips are a major no-no. After Dior released their lip oil in 2020, the lip oil craze blew up. Practically every makeup line ever has released their own version of a lip oil since then, from Kylie Cosmetics to e.l.f Cosmetics. If you’re looking for softened, hydrated, and juicy lips that are naturally enhanced with a subtle splash of color, this list of 43 lip oils is exactly what you need. 

Nyx Fat Oil Lip Drip ($9)

Nyx recently released this hydrating lip oil and I had to purchase some for myself. It goes on super smooth, looks like a gloss, and smells like Smarties. Yes, please!

Nyx Fat Oil Lip Drip

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil ($40)

It’s the lip oil almost everyone was talking about a few years ago. If you’re as chronically online as I am, you’ve probably heard about Dior’s lip oil by now. This oil is available in eight different shades, made for enhancing your natural lip color. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics Glow Reviver Lip Oil ($8)

Revive your lip’s color with this Glow Reviver Lip Oil. Whether you choose a more natural shade or bolder color, your lips are bound to look glossy and plump.

Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil for Moisturizing Sheer Coverage ($26)

Summer Fridays is giving us moisturized summer lips in a cold February. Their vegan oil-infused lip oil is made to make your lips super soft.

Fenty Skin Treatz Hydrating + Strengthening Lip Oil ($24)

Y’all, Rihanna’s makeup line hooked us up with two lip oils that smell like cherries and melon. Hopefully, these lip oils make you feel like the only girl in the world. Thank you, RiRi. 

Glossier Ultralip ($20)

Glossier’s lip oil comes with a super unique applicator that looks more like a lipstick. But, don’t be fooled, there’s nothing lipstick-like about it. This lip oil is made with watermelon and jojoba seed oil to help nourish those lips and add a pop of color. 

Too Faced Kissing Jelly Hydrating Lip Oil Gloss ($22)

Six different colors, six different scents. Yes, you read that right. Too Faced’s lip oil gloss has scents ranging from grape soda to cotton candy to sweet piña colada.

Merit Shade Slick Classics Tinted Lip Oil ($24)

Wear this lip oil at home or on a night out. It’s made for long-lasting wear, and the more you layer, the richer the color you’ll see on your lips. 

Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil ($32)

Honey may be sticky, but this lip oil isn’t. Gisou crafted their honey-infused lip oil to leave lips with a glossy and plump finish. I need this ASAP. 

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil ($20)

Selena Gomez never disappoints. Her makeup line’s tinted lip oil leaves lips stained and glossy all day. Plus, it’s super buildable. 

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss ($16)

This lip jelly oil comes in 12 shades, from the clear and natural “Chill” to the bold and vibrant raspberry “Wild.” There are so many options to make your lips shine. 

ILIA Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil ($26)

ILIA’s tinted lip oil is gluten-free and looks super silky. Apply it by itself or add it on top of some lipstick for a glossy and moisturized finish. 

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping Peptide Lip Treatment Gloss ($22)

This product was an Allure Best of Beauty award winner, so I need to give it a try. Kosas’ lip oil and gloss treatment combo is super gorg and super hydrating. Yes and yes!

Haus Labs Phd Hybrid Lip Oil ($26)

I’m going gaga for Lady Gaga’s lip oil (I’m sorry, I had to). Shiny but not sticky, Haus Labs has created an oil that leaves lips looking extra juicy. This lip oil combined with your best poker face would probably leave Lady Gaga quite proud. 

Saie GlossyBounce High-Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss Oil ($22)

Saie’s lip oil tube was made out of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Reduce waste and recycle this lip oil when it’s all gone! It’s a win-win for your lips and the environment.

Well People Lush Tinted Lip Oil ($12)

Developed by dermatologists, Well People’s tinted lip oil is shea butter-infused and smells like peppermint. Your lips will thank you later. 

Clarins Lip Comfort Hydrating Oil ($30)

Made with 93% all-natural ingredients, this oil is bound to leave your lips looking super soft. This award winner is perfect for a lighter coverage, all-natural day.  

Kaja Juicy Glass Lip Oil ($18)

Bring the ultimate shine, vibrance, and color to your lips with Kaja’s Juicy Glass Lip Oil. Made with softening plum seed oil and vitamin tree fruit oil, these four shades are super sheer and perfect for a subtle yet sultry lip look. 

Ami Colé Hydrating Lip Treatment Oil ($20)

This lip treatment oil is infused with baobab seed oil, which is made to help reduce the appearance of lip lines. Say what?!

Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil ($54)

This applicator is INSANE. Just look at it. It’s giving extra-terrestrial technology. Did I mention it’s also an anti-aging lip treatment? Maybe Mars inhabitants really did have something to do with this one. You won’t know until you give it a try…

Milk Makeup Odyssey Hydrating Non-Sticky Lip Oil Gloss ($26)

Other than jojoba and cloudberry seed oil, Milk Makeup’s non-sticky lip oil is also made with crushed sapphire and ruby gemstones for extra calming energy. Huh?! As a crystal girlie, I’m about to pull out my credit card. 

iNNBeauty Project Glaze Lip Oil ($17)

Exfoliate your lips with fermented pomegranate while soothing any cracks using iNN Beauty Project’s lip oil. With 10 colors, you’re bound to find the shade that matches your vibe.

Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil ($24)

Try these super natural shades from Merit for healthier, fuller lips. 

KYLIE SKIN Lip Oil ($25)

Of course, Kylie Jenner provided us with a lip oil! This dermatologist-tested formula comes in six shades, which means perfect lip-to-outfit matching opportunities. 

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss ($33)

Do you prefer lip glosses, but want the benefits of lip oil? Bobbi Brown has you covered with their oil-infused gloss. It’s got more coverage than an oil and is more nourishing than a regular gloss. 

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir ($40)

A lip oil that doubles as a lip mask? This isn’t your ordinary lip oil. Wear it during the day as a lip conditioner and to bed as a lip mask to leave your lips extra nourished. 

Classic Liplux® Organic Hydrating Lip Oil Sunscreen SPF 30 ($18)

UV rays don’t play. If you’re putting sunscreen on your face every day, you probably should get some for your lips, too! Don’t neglect your lips when it comes to sun protection. Wear this lip oil on a beach day and shield your lips from the sun while looking stunning all at once. 

Winky Lux Flower Petal Lip Oil ($18)

Who doesn’t want flower petals in their lip oil? It’s also got a vanilla scent (which is my favorite smell, like, ever).

Iconic London Lustre Lip Oil ($26)

Iconic London’s lip oils come in watermelon, coconut, and peach scents. I may need to try them all.

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Lip Shine – Longwear Hydration Lip Oil with Vitamin C ($28)

Made with sunflower, chamomile, and grapefruit, this lip oil is a perfect way to soothe dry lips. It’s also super shimmery and is made to last all day. 

Tarte Sugar Rush™ Lip Sip Vegan Lip Oil ($15)

Is anyone else as obsessed with this packaging as I am? The super vibrant applicator colors switch depending on the lip oil shade you choose, and customers say the formula lasts for hours! 

ULTA Beauty Collection Juice Infused Lip Oil ($6)

From cranberry to tangerine to pineapple, ULTA’s lip oils are infused with real fruit juices, which, in turn, give your lips a soft pop of color.

Pacifica Glow Stick Lip Oil ($11)

Attention: this lip oil goes on like lipstick! If gloss-like applicators aren’t your fave, this might be the lip oil for you. Pacifica’s lip oil is also packaged in 100% recycled components! We love helping the environment!

L.A. Girl Lip Oil ($6)

L.A. Girl’s five lip oil shades are great for a super sheer look. Some come with extra sparkle, and are a perfect choice for a lip glitter moment. 

Florence By Mills Tinted Glow Yeah Hydrating Vegan Lip Oil ($16)

Millie Bobby Brown whipped out the science for this one! Her makeup line’s lip oil adjusts to your pH and creates a unique tint of color that accentuates your natural lips. Can you say iconic?

Milani Fruit Fetish Lip Oil ($12)

I can’t get enough of these fruit-themed lip oils. Milani has eight fruit shades to choose from, including chocolate. Try your best not to lick your lips after you put these on!

Essence Hydra Kiss Lip Oil ($5)

This lip oil is gluten-free and provides lips with that sheer, shiny look like a true lip oil should. Match one of the three shades to your ‘fit and you’re ready to rock the day.

Makeup Revolution Glaze Lip Oil ($6)

These extra-sheer lip oils are cherry-scented and super glowy! Makeup Revolution is giving revolutionary with their lip oil formula.

Winky Lux In The Stars Lip Oil ($18)

Umm, this lip oil comes with little stars in the tube?! I guess it’s written in the stars that you might need to give this hydrating lip oil a try.

Juvia’s Place Magic Lip Oils ($10)

Complete with fun packaging that matches the shade you choose, these lip oils must be as magical as their name. 

Stila Heaven’s Dew Gel Lip Oil ($24)

With cosmic-themed names like Supernova and Moondust, Stila’s lip oils are made to give lips an extra intergalactic shimmer and shine, just like the stars in the sky.

Morphe 2 Glassified Lip Oil ($9)

Luckily for us, the Glassified lip oil isn’t classified. If you love a pink lip look, Morphe 2 gives you three sheer pink tones of lip oil to create the perfect pout. 

r.e.m. beauty Essential Drip Lip Oil ($16)

Ariana Grande’s makeup brand really popped off here. This lip oil’s applicator has a unique metal tip that cools the lips while applying that hydrating shine we love! I won’t be saying “thank you, next” to these lip oils any time soon.

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